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Phone Tag 2 - signup

Time to signup for the next phoen tag.

Please indicate if you will be gone and need to be placed towards one end of the list or the other, etc.

Trina, thanks again for starting all of this.

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I'm in! And I am not going anywhere so put me in wherever you need.

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Yay! Glad I checked the boards before I left! I will be away from home until next Wednesday, so I won't be able to use my scrapping stuff even if I am able to check the boards at my brother's house. So could you please put me at least mid-way through the list? Thanks!!! Biggrin

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I'm in and I'm here as far as I know. Smile Thanks Stephanie!

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I'm in again please! Could you put me towards the end though please? I am still making all my Christening invites for Lyric. Biggrin

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im in this round!!

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I'll be in, but will be gone this Friday through next Sunday!

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I'm in! My only "bad" time is this weekend, but I'm not sure how quick we'll get going.

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I'm in!! (I'll be gone from Aug. 1st - 9th) so it would probably be best to put me toward the begining...

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I'm in. I'll be gone for a week Aug 19th.

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I'm in. I don't think we're planning more than a few days off anytime soon, so let me know when.

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I'm in, but I'm gone from Jul. 19-Aug 2 ... so I don't know if that'll put me right at the beginning or at the end (probably beginning?)

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Count me in!

I'm gone from Aug 13th-16th so earlier may be better! I also take my laptop on vaca with me and all of my stuff is digital. So if I had it during our trip it wouldn't be the worst thing that has ever happened Wink

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I'm in! I am gone for a weekend in July (23-26)

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I'm in! I'd rather be earlier in the list if possible. Smile

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I'm in! Whenever works for me :D.

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I'm in! We will be going away for a weekend, but not sure when so just add me where ever and if I need to change I'll let ya know!

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I am in for this round, but I will be away the last week in July (not sure if it will last that long or not)

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I'm in!!!!

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Count me in. And I am around so any time is good for me.

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I would love to be in this! I will be gone July 23-26 and Aug 8-10.

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I am in and can do it right away Smile

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