Phone tag results - group 1

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Phone tag results - group 1

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I just love seeing the progression! Great job everyone!

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omg the last one looks nothing like the 1st one!! amazing!! that was a ton of fun!!

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Love it. These are never going to get old. I love seeing what elements people use from the previous layout.

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oh, this is an awesome evolution! love seeing the different takes on it.

fun times!

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hmm both groups ended with pages with one photo... pretty cool. love all these LO's as welL!!

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Great job ladies! I love seeing how it evolves! I will be scraplifting some of them as well! Awesome!

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Gorgeous!!! I think they're all lovely and it is fun trying to see which parts have been lifted from each previous LO. Smile

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This was GREAT!!! And I think these pages are all some of our bests. The little elements grabbed from each was fun to find. Smile

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Wow!!! These are phenomenal!! LOVE them all! Great job ladies!!

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Looking at these from someone who wasn't in on it this time is really fun! Smile I really didn't pay any attention to who was following one another, but I could totally identify so many of your pages because of your unique styles!

Carrie (K9Trainer), you threw me for a loop though! This was an awesome page you did! I'm so glad you got plopped in between Tia and Charys. Smile

Oh, and one other thing, I think it's really funny that it started out with squares, but concluded with a circle! LOL

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What a cool progression! They're so pretty. Only 2 were digital... interesting. Was that on purpose? Wink

I'm with Sarah... I love looking at them and figuring out what aspects were lifted

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great job ladies, they are all amazing!

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Wow, everyone's turned out so cool! I loved seeing how it evolved as it went down the line!