Phone Tag Reveal - Group 1!

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Phone Tag Reveal - Group 1!

Hope this was as much fun for you guys as it was for me! We had awesome pages! And the transformation is amazing - just like in the phone tag we did when we were kids!

Without further ado, here is the transformation of group 1:

Original layout by me (Trina)

#2 - Shannon/Avalon321

#3 - Stephanie/Mommys

#4 - Tia/Tialee

#5 - Missy/Scrapangel

#6 - Jess/jd6405

#7 - Gwen/coolmama72

#8 - Kat/cherrykitten

#9 - Beth/auret

#10 - Beckie/wiltedrose314

#11 - Carrie/Princess Leia

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WOW! AMAZING work ladies!!! GOOD JOB! Such WONDERFUL pages!

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awesome LOs everyone! It is so neat to see which elements everyone takes from each LO as inspiration for their own.

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These are all great! Jess, that is so cool how you formed that heart with your journaling!!!

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"kel-02" wrote:

These are all great! Jess, that is so cool how you formed that heart with your journaling!!!

Very cool!! I loved how I could see what each person took away from the previous layout!! AWESOME!! We HAVE to do this again!!

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"kel-02" wrote:

These are all great! Jess, that is so cool how you formed that heart with your journaling!!!

Hehe... thanks! Wish I could take credit for it, but it came with the kit I used!

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what an evolution! this was AWESOME!!!! I really love the progression, we HAVE to do this again!!!! I think it would be neat to have one ongoing, maybe a different person can coordinate/start it each time.

off to check out group 2

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I agree with others! We have to do it again!!! I love looking at the progression

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The evolution of the layouts is really neat. Most of the inspirations hit me with a bam, but I had to look for a couple. All the pages turned out great regardless!

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I'm going to have to come back later to reply to everyone's beautiful LOs! But girls, this was AWESOME! And worth the wait to see the reveal (but I'm really impatient!). Smile

Looking at them, it's sometimes easy to spot the inspiration and other times I had to go back and forth a few times, but then I'd catch it. Maybe I'm just slow! LOL

I thought I would add that my inspiration from Kat's layout was the colors. I was really glad to follow somebody digital, because I could identify the kit she used and then had several others that had the same colors!

Be back later ...

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Oh I love this!! Everyones layouts are just beautiful! It is so fun to see how everyone took inspiration from the previous layouts and made it their own. VERY fun game! I am ready for round 2!!

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Brilliant!! I thought this was a great game and i would love to do it again. I am pretty impatient too, but it was worth the wait!

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Oh my gosh!!! I love the evolution the pages took!!! These are GREAT!!!! This was the best thing we've done in a looooong time!

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I agree!!! These pages were awesome! Gwen, that's my new, new fave of that swing LO. Beth, the heart journaling is awesome! They are all so good!!!

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Wow! This was so much fun and the LO's are awesome! Put me down for the next round!

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these came out so great!!!! i loved seeing where everything came from! cant wait till next time!! Biggrin

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Great pages everyone! I was so excited to see that I even waited for dumb dial-up to load all the pictures.

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Trina -- what a great page to start us off with! I love the alpha you used!

Shannon -- great lift of the paper strips, but with you're own twist!

Stephanie -- great title and journaling!

Tia -- great depth to your page! I love the dimension that the paper behind your photo added. Great composition to your page as well.

Missy -- what a sweet picture! I love the colors you picked. Kinda retro, but girly.

Jess -- I have that same kit and love it! Smile I haven't used that journaling shape, though. It's a really cool element for your page.

Gwen -- that swing is so cool! Did you make it yourself? And I love the journaling on the vellum strips. It really sets off the page.

Kat -- I was so happy to follow a digi page! I went through my star elements and found the ones you had. Smile Then I could find colors that matched from my other kits from those challenge downloads.

Beckie -- I know it's a little thing, but I like the font you picked for your date. Wink It's so fun and chunky. It adds that extra bit to the page! And I like that you lifted the two rectangular pictures and the round.

Carrie -- what a sweet page of you and Scout! I like the rainbow and the way you varied your alphas. Smile

Such an awesome transformation to these pages! Every one was a great page, ladies!

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WOW that is just so awesome to see. I love how each time it changed so dramaticly but every one is just great. I can draw a lot of inspiration for these. I am off to check out what group 2 looks like.

Oh and I agree, I am so ready to do this again.

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