Photo book arrived

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Photo book arrived

And it looks great! The only thing...oops, I doubled a page Sad but, hey, Its totally free! And it turned out really cute otherwise. I may eventually just add my own pics on that one double or print out another page and adhere it. Thanks Charys! I'll post pics when Im not so frazzled with the invites Wink

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that's great!

I made a photo book for my dad's birthday gift, and accidentally doubled three pictures in the book. my brother asked for the same book for Christmas, and so I took out the doubled pictures. Wink

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WOO HOO for free stuff! That would be a great idea for gifts!

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I can't wait to see what it looks like

gotta love the free stuff Smile

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I'm waiting on my free book, I had signed up with cozi central and when you sign up you get a free 8 1/2 by 11 photo book from shutterfly. Thankfully for your post about shipping being free I ordered mine and didn't pay a cent.

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Can't wait to see it.

My first book has spelling errors and other mistakes....

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I just made a cute little book for my daughters grandma of her bday party it was so easy and so fun and only 17 something with s+h

I might make another one for me since I won't see it because I sent it to CA
I hope she likes it
Its gonna be a total surprise Smile

thanks for putting the idea in my head Wink