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    I guess this is for people who are doing a family and child(ren) albums.

    I have a hard time keeping my photos in order for various albums. I am pretty good about printing pictures on a somewhat regular basis. If I really like a picture I'll print doubles right away. Otherwise I just kind of pick some and the leftovers are what I use for the "other" album.

    I'm wondering how is the easiest way to organize, so I am not overwelmed by pictures (since I'm in June of 2007 in our family album...).

    Also, what do you do with the "extra" pictures that you are not going to use in scrapbooking?

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    I wish I could help you w/ the organization, but I print photos in order and then pick the ones I want scrapbook and put them in a album in the plastic sheets in order until I'm ready to scrapbook. Those I choose not to scrapbook, I'm going to put them in photo albums.
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    Since I have a digital camera, usually the only photos I get printed are for my scrapbooking. The others are saved one files on my computer and I also write them to a CD and store those in a safe. I try to do this each month.
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    I only print the ones that I use to scrap with. Then I put them in a sectional folder type thing (don't know the real term!), for what event they were to scrap them. The ones that I thought I would scrap with, but didn't use, I put them in a box. I like to look through old pics. I wish I printed off more pics, and just put them in a box. I also do what Charys does. I burn them to a cd as well.
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    I have soooo many pics it's unreal. I just print doubles of all the pics I like and scrap whatever strikes me. I put the rest into a photo box. Also I have them all saved on my computer. Need to burn to CD though really.

    Great question BTW!
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    I have photo boxes upon photo boxes, arranged by type (ie all the weddings I've been to are in 1 box) and year. To keep them straight, when I upload them to print them at Costco, I put the date on the back of the photo - it gives you an option to put however many characters on the back. Normally I print an even all at once, so I'll put "Gma bday Sept 08" that way I always know what the picture was from. I don't paper scrapbook, so I just print the pictures to look at, but I love having them printed.
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