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    Default Photo Printer ?

    Does anyone have one? Would you recommend it?

    DH thinks that the quality (paper, ink) wouldn't last as long as the prints you order through Target, etc (hi-tech Kodak machines, paper, ink). He used the old fax paper that eventually fades to compare it too. He just thinks the "professionally" printed photos would last years compared to photos printed through a printer.

    What do you guys think?
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    I have an epson printer and I even bought a good model but I can't compair any home prints to the ones I get from walgreens. Also the pics in my books that are 8 years old are fading but the ones that were printed at walgreens -also 8 years old still look good.

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    Honestly, I used to print all my pics at home, and none of them have faded.

    I find it's waaaaay cheaper to get them printed than to pay for the ink, good quality photo paper, and the time/hassle of printing them at home. Just my 2 cents.

    We have an Epson of some sort (not at home, can't check the brand), never had an issue with it!
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    I have an epson stylus photo px700w printer and i love it! for me it is way cheaper to print photos here at home than to have them sent out to be printed. And not only is it cheaper but i have total control of what i want to crop out if I need to if the size isn't right. And my colors come out great. (i was having lots and lots of problems taking my photos to be printed somewhere else ..... i.e. too red, chopped in some places) the reason it is cheaper for me though is because the closest place i could get my photos printed is like 20 minutes from here and then it is like 20 cents a photo or something like that. I don't remember but it isn't cheap Heck, I can't even print a cheap 12x12 here. It was going to cost me over $100 to print 15 12x12's here And the ink seems to last a long time in my printer! I can print whenever I want and not have to get in my car to drive somewhere It is a PAIN going to the mall where that photo place is. always too many people around oh and I use regular glossy photo paper. it feels and looks pretty good. I'm sure these photos will last awhile.
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    I would never do a home printer. My friend had one and like Tia said, after a few years the pics started to fade.
    If you upload to on Tuesdays and Wednesdays all 4 x 6 prints are only 6 cents each and you can pick them up at any Wolf or Ritz camera.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Honey3.14 View Post
    If you upload to on Tuesdays and Wednesdays all 4 x 6 prints are only 6 cents each and you can pick them up at any Wolf or Ritz camera.
    Oh, wow! Thanks for that tip! I think there is a Ritz camera in our mall (not sure, never really paid attention) - I'm definitely gonna check that out!!!!!

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    I have a great Sony photo printer that just prints 4x6 or 3.5x5. It prints in layers and I believe they won't fade. The quality is fabulous BUT not worth the money. It is $25 per cartridge and that prints about 25 pictures.
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