Photo printers?

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Photo printers?

Do any of you ladies have one? I'm thinking about asking DH for one as a birthday present. This way I also don't have to bother him to print out photos on our multi-function printer.

Any brands/kinds you recommend? TIA

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I have one, but I find that it is much cheaper to have them printed at the store. I have a sony photo printer, and it is expensive to buy the cartridges for it.

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I stopped printing photos at my house, because the carts cost so much money! It ends up being more expensive than getting them printed at Walmart. Every once in a while I will print one at home, but that's only if I really need to get a project done.

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I agree with the other ladies. I have one but I don't use it. It's much faster and easier (and better quality) to get them printed at the stores (especially if you use winkflash - they have really great rates on their printing). My friend uses her printer and she says they come out good, but to me, it's not as good as a professional printer you'll find that stores use. (But that's just my opinion).

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I personally don't have one but a few friends do. I know that Kodak makes some that have cartridges that are only $15. I think they figured out that it wasn't worth it for people to print them at home when the cartridges were so expensive.

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Last january when I bought my digital camera I bought the combo, camera and printer dock from kodak. I love it, it is expensive though for the refills. I only use my printer when I really need a picture to show off or to scrap. It works really good though, great quality.

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I have a really good quality photo printer at home, but like so many others have said, it's kinda pricey for the ink cartridges so I only use is sparingly. I tend to use it for photos 5X7 and bigger and do my 4x6 prints on-line or in a store (depending on how fast i want 'em).

Good luck to you!

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I have the Epson PictureMate Dash......and it is AWESOME! The photos end up being 29 cents a print which is worth it to me, to save a trip to the store!

BONUS...the cartridge comes with the 4x6 photo paper, and it guarantees a certain number of prints that you'll get out of that cartridge.

If you don't get the specified number of prints, you mail back the unused photo paper, and they will reimburse you 29 cents per print!! Biggrin

I love my PictureMate Dash and wouldn't trade it Wink