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I have not had any inspiration for scrapbooking, and don't think I have made any pages in a year! Anytime I sit down to work on it, I just cannot think of anything. I am not happy with anything, and I feel like I am always missing something I need. But then I go out and buy things, and still feel like I don't have what I want. I feel like I spend a lot of money on scrapbooking, but have nothing to show for it! And I am horrible about getting pictures printed. My son is almost 18 months old, I literally have 4 photos of him framed, and the latest is his 9 month pic. I don't have ANY in his scrapbook. I have no albums to show off!

I just feel so down because I haven't gotten any of that done.

I made a photobook on Snapfish for my Grandma, and I am planning on making some for Christmas gifts. I am seriously tempted to start doing those photobooks and give up scrapbooking. Anyone else ever feel that way?

My neighbor orders photobooks and her son is 3 months younger than mine and she already has 3 books of him (ultrasound, 0-6months, and 6-12months)

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I get in these ruts where I can't scrap for months and then it will come back to me. I think we all just need a good sketch to get us all going again. I will try to draw a sketch up in the next few days to get everyone's mojo going. Don't give it up cause once your mojo starts back up it get's exciting again.

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I totally know what you mean. I have absolutely NO paper scrap pages of the twins or of Journi after she was born and she's TWO! I do have digi pages of them because I can actually walk away and not have to clean those up at night, haha! We also have no photos posted on the wall with the exception of our digi frame I have of some of my scrap pages where they show up on a couple. I take that back. We have one of all of us we had professionally done a year ago. You think you're behind? Well you're not alone!!!!!! Don't compare yourself with someone who appears to have much more time to work on it than you do. Celebrate the times you're able to accomplish something, be it finding an awesome deal at a scrapbook store! You'll get there!

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Yes, I often feel this way. They are way quicker, way easier, and pretty inexpensive. BUT, I realy love to scrap when I can actually get some time to do it. Smile I agree with Tracey, just enjoy when you can do it and don't sweat it when you can't. I also am a huge advocate of going with your gut/intuition. If you feel like you'd rather do those, then do it guilt free girl. Smile