Pics of Cohen (pic heavy and xp)

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Pics of Cohen (pic heavy and xp)

Since some of you can't find me on Facebook (I'm wondering if that's the security settings I am using or something?) here are some pics of Cohen. Smile I'm too lazy to re-size at the moment.

right after birth

first latch

he is a little breastfeeding champ! No latch problems and he is a great eater.

my men

Big brother holding Cohen for the first time. He was only about 5 minutes old here. Smile
Kayson is so proud of him. He is "his baby" and is protective of him already. Sooo sweet! Last night he was crying after a diaper change and Kayson told me "it hurts me too when he cries Mommy"...enough to make ME cry when he said that.

First morning together

Kayson was eating a strawberry for breakfast. Wink

Getting him dressed. YOu can see his dark hair tufts here.

already a cuddler! My sweeeeeet baby! A sweet girl on my BB made Cohen the white afghan!! It's so soft and already a fave.

His going home outfit

I am working on his birth story and will post that later. Gotta go feed him breakfast and snuggle with my family. Smile

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What sweet pictures! He is adorable! Congrats!
You look amazing...are you sure that those pictures are right after birth:)

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I replied to most of these on fb, but I have to do it again. He is just beautiful and I am so happy for you.

Is it not amazing how you can just love a new [second] baby as much as you love your first. I worried about that before Allie was born, but it just comes so natural. It is like she has always been here and I am sure that is how it is for you.


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Of course I can't see the pics, but I want to say what Kayson said brought tears to my eyes. My FAVORITE moment in life was when Randy & Ruthie met, so I can only imagine how sweet the pic is. I am so glad you have a great nursing relationship! Biggrin

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he's beautiful! and I love seeing all of the love in these photos. and Charys, I hate you. no one should look that good after just giving birth! ROFL Really, you are amazing!!!

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"pickle in middle" wrote:

What sweet pictures! He is adorable! Congrats!
You look amazing...are you sure that those pictures are right after birthSmile

I agree, especially the bolded:)

Congrats! You have such a beautiful family!

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Oh Charys he's just so beautiful! Looks like Kayson is already a great big brother! Can't wait to hear your birth story. Congratulations again!

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hes so adorable!! and teeny!! and i cant believe you look that great after giving birth!! soo jealous! your family is beautiful! nice job momma! Biggrin oh and i just wanted to comment on the "little brother" onesie..i got the same one for my baby except hers says "little sister!" Lol

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He is just so cute. I love when they are this small. Enjoy all those snuggles.

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such beautiful pictures! I am so happy for you guys Smile that is too cute that kayson calls him "his baby" it!

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Beautiful pics, Charys! I definitely see some Kayson in him! Kayson looks so proud. I was also thinking -- are you sure you just gave birth!?! You look amazing!

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thank you all! Yes, we are super blessed! You guys made me feel good....thank you for all the kind comments. Cohen is such a good baby....and quite a snuggler!! And friends brought dinner over last night and are bringing dinner over tonight, so that's wonderful.

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My gosh he's adorable!

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He is absolutely beautiful. So adorable, I wanna just scoop him up n snuggle him, too! TFS!

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Oh he is adorable- and looks sooooooooooooooooooo tiny! Love the 'little brother' onesie, and that blanket looks so comfy too!