Plain ol' Double Sided Sticky Tape (Permanent Kind)

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Plain ol' Double Sided Sticky Tape (Permanent Kind)

Anyone use just plain Scotch Double Sided Sticky Tape for scrapbooking? I saw my stepsister using it, and I thought, wow! Why didn't I think of that? I sure go through it pretty fast, but then again, I'd do the same w/ glue dots. I can spend just less than $5 on rolls and about $3 on a roll of glue dots. Any feedback on double sided sticky tape?

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I use it on some things that I know I'm not going to tear back apart! It's hard to reposition stuff with it b/c when its stuck its stuck. Scotch has a re-positional double side tape too.
I get more use out of the double side tape then I do the dots. Plus I'm left handed so the dots seem to unroll the wrong way for me if that makes sense.

Staples, Office Max, etc. has two packs about as cheap as a one pack other places. HTH!

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I use it all the time for scarpbooking. I was using something else, that said permanant, but my stuff was falling off the pages, so I switched to double sided tape. I bought a tape dispenser and use that, because then you can tear it one handed. I look for it on sale and stock up when I find it cheap somewhere. I also use some kind of glue for really small letters and the glue dots for some things like ribbon, or small embellishments.
Glad you discovered it!

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that's actually all I use Lol I lucked out and found huge rolls of it from our dollar store (acid free ones) for only a dollar each. Luckily I bought a few cuz I haven't seen them there in a while.

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I love it.. But I go through it like crazy, and I also cut it for smaller things and that can be a long process when I do that, but I love the way it works. I dislike glue at the moment.

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I use it too. I actually use the 3M brand. A friend of mine gets it for me. Her grandpa used to work for 3M so she gets a HUGE discount.