planning to relocate my scrap space

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planning to relocate my scrap space

Hi all! Sorry I have been in semi-lurk mode since the virtual crop ended. It is so hard to get scrapping time in, especially since we were in Orlando for a week and this week has been catch up and get back to reality. In thinking about ways to get more scrapping time, I always find that the wasted time is after DS is sleeping. My stuff is up in our attic (the finished part that is one large bedroom), and I am always worried about waking up DS by opening the door and tromping up the stairs (since it is right next to his room). Usually he doesn't wake up, but if I need to come downstairs for anything, it becomes a pain of trying to creep up and down those stairs, etc. Plus, as nice of a space as it is, I am FAR away from everyone else. DH spends most evenings on his computer in the basement after DS is sleeping...when I am down there too, i am either online or watching TV. Of course, most times I would rather scrap Smile and feel like I am wasting time putzing online and flipping channels.

So, I had been toying with the idea (and now after talking to DH and MIL who is crafty and was over today), I am going to rearrange. Part of our basement next to the laundry room is just used as storage mostly...but the previous owners had office stuff in is next to the furnace and water heater, but it is semi-finished, there are some shelves mounted on the wall already. So, I just have to relocate some of the boxes, the Christmas tree, other random the attic (there is plenty of storage in the unfinished part of the attic). The one desk that is upstairs in my scrap area, actually used to be down in that area of the basement (left by the previous owner) So, with a little reorganization and sweat moving things around, I should have a better location...I can still be close to DH, get a quick scrap in between shows in the evening or while DS naps...without having to worry about waking up DS.

Anyway, sorry for the long rant, but I know you all would understand the need to scrap...anything to get more scrapping time (anything would be better than what I am getting now :lol:) I will be sure to do before and after pics for you ladies Smile Of course it isn't as nice as some of the awesome craft areas that you ladies post on here, but hopefully it will be a nice new craft home for me Smile

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I am totally jealous and I completely understand about being afraid of waking up your ds.

And ANY scrap space is better than none! I am currently using half of our dining room table. Can't wait to see pics!

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I would LOVE to see pics. I am so disorganised and I love seeing phots of things that inspire me to get my act together! My husband is about to be gone for 2 weeks, maybe while he is gone I can get things sorted and time will move faster WITH a sense of accomplishment to go with it! Good luck on the move!

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I totally understand. My scrap desk is right in our breakfast area off the living room caus I don't want to be off by myself. Smile It may not look the best but it works.

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I think that sounds like a great idea! I would do it. When we first moved here I had a scraproom to myself, but I hated it. I had stressed over it for so long about if I wanted a room to myself or not, but I ended up not liking it. I just hate being away from every one else, I felt like I was ignoring Jamie all of the time. I ended up back in the shared living room space.

It doesn't even matter now, because Jamie is in that room and Allie has his old room. That is it for rooms in this house lol, but if we ever moved and I had a place for my own area, I would probably pass it up. Maybe one day when Jamie and Allie are doing their own thing ( are teens basically) then I will desire my own area again. For now I am just happy with my corner.

I would love to see pics of your new area when you get it set up!

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I think that sounds like a great idea! I scrap in the basement, my corner is in our guest room down there. I hope you take some progress pictures, that would be a fun layout by itself. Smile

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I totally hear you!!! I have a lot of wasted time while Miles is sleeping. He's been sleeping for 2 hours right now and I've done nothing! All my stuff is in the closet in his toyroom and I scrap on the kitchen table. BUT, I can't use my cricut then because his room is basically right there and I don't want to wake him.

I hope your new solution works and you're able to get more time in!

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sounds like it will be a good move for you Smile Looking forward to seeing some pics!

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I love re-arranging! I hope the new arrangements will help you feel more connected to your family and to your scrapping! Smile