Please humor me

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Please humor me

Will you visit this thread and vote for the picture(s) that appeals to you the most? Please. Smile

Thanks! I have another thread on the photo board with more pictures from the session if you want to peek.

And I know I'm behind on reading threads here. I've been working on this maternity session, and I have ANOTHER session booked for this Friday. Crazy! But I really hope to get to the color challenge before that ends tomorrow night. Wink

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Done! Though I love 4 like the majority, 5 is my favorite! Biggrin They are awesome Gwen. I bet teh mother loves them.

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I think they are all so similar, but that's me. Smile They are all awesome. Truly. Something about number 1 though I love. Maybe its' the fact that it makes her appear more as the main attraction of the pic as opposed to the sun than any of the other pics. Great work girl!