please keep my mom in your prayers (ot sorta)

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please keep my mom in your prayers (ot sorta)

My mom went in today for a colonoscopy (sp?) and they found a small growth. They removed it and are going to get it tested. The nurse said that it didn't look cancerous, or bad or whatever word she said. I have been dreading this day and I don't even know why. I keep thinking of what would happen if I ever lost my mother. I would not be able to live without her. This just scares me to pieces. We will find out in 3 days and I hope it's nothing. Anyone ever have this done or know someone who has had it done and it come back ok? The nurse said it was a Polyp? I googled it but stopped. We all know what happens when you google something. I didn't want to continue reading. :confused: poor my mom. I hope we get good news in 3 days because if it is bad news I honestly don't know what I'm going to do with myself. God has sure brought so much stress and struggles in our lives lately and it makes me feel like He doesn't like us too much anymore or He's forgotten about us. Ugh. I hate this feeling. :-? Please keep my mom in your thoughts and prayers. Thank You.

And to keep it somewhat on topic. Here is a LO I did a few weeks ago about my parents. My written spanish is not that great since I taught myself Blum 3 but you get the idea. They were making tortillas in their old home that they lost. And each time they make tortillas you will find some home made salsa. Smile


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I will keep you and your mother in my thoughts.. I hope everything turns out ok! KUP

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I hope everything turns out to be ok with your mother. Please kup. :bighug:

THat layout is great. I love the white background and the bold colors. It almost looks like it could be an ad.

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I will keep your mother in my prayers Loida. I know that feeling and it's no fun. Keep your chin up girl.

And your LO is beautiful. Your parents look so sweet!

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Your sweet mom will be in my prayers hun! I'm so sorry. I know it's scary, but hopefully everything will come back negative. KUP ok? We're here if you need to vent.
The page you did is great!! The colors and design are perfect.

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I can imagine how scary this is for you. You probably won't get this impression from googling it but benign polyps are not uncommon occurences, my uncle had several actually. I will be praying for your mother. Hang in there and as difficult as it is, don't dwell on the worst case scenario.please KUP on her test results.

Your LO is pretty cool. Just a quick couple of typos at least I think because my spanish isn't that great.
Estuve con mis padres en los Estados Unidos (instead of el)
and the last word I belive should be queso instead of gueso?
I love that you threw in photos of the tomatos and tortillas. Now I'm hungry.

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Your mom is in my thoughts! I hope it comes back as nothing! Smile

BTW - I thought your name was unusual, I'd never heard of it before, and today we had a new customer named Loida, too!

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I will certainly be praying for your mom. My g'ma had that done about 2 years ago and they removed 5 polyps and my dad had 3 removed. None of them were cancerous. My g'ma doctor said that they can be quite common and alot of people have them and never know, which is one reason why they do those test at certain ages. I hope this makes you feel better. I know it must be scary but I think it will be ok.

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thanks ladies! yes it does make me feel better. I had never known anyone else go through this so it is quite new. Smile I'm glad I have all you to come to!!!

I didn't realize I had any typos Lol thanks for pointing that out! I looked at Queso too and thought it looked funny. I wonder if it's just the font I used. I'll check later. Smile

thanks for the comments.

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I will be thinking about you and your mom and hoping that everything turns out fine. I know it's scary, but we are here anytime you need us. Hugs to you.

The page is beautiful too. Love the colors. Everything fits together beautifully.