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Please Vote (OT)

I've done something silly and entered a digital layout contest and entered two different layouts in the hopes of winning a wacom. :eek: If you guys would please take a look and vote for me, I'd really appreciate it! TIA! and

I know I don't stand much of a chance, but I've gotta try, right? :rolleyes:

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Give yourself some credit, those are gorgeous!! Voted for them both.

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just voted awesome pages

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Great pages. Have voted. Good Luck.

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No joke, those are both amazing!!! Voted for them both!!

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/I voted - good luck! I'd LOVE to get a tablet!

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I voted for ya! Good luck! I think you did fab.

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oh, I hope you win! those are great, really LOVE the "my babies" one. perfect!

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I voted for these last night but evidently didn't comment!

Beautiful pages...let us know how it goes!

[And just a side note - I promise I really don't live under a rock, but I had to google what a Wacom was! And I listened to that moonlight song and I truly had never heard it. *note to self: GET OUT MORE!*]