Please Welcome Our Newest Member to the Host Team!!

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Please Welcome Our Newest Member to the Host Team!!

GWEN!!!!! (coolmama72)

We are so happy to announce that she will be joining Stephanie and myself as host of this board.

Gwen has been such a help and will continue to be a great help on here with all her scrapbooking knowledge and her experience with


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Thanks Charys for the welcome, and to Stephanie for encouraging me to join the host team here. I know with Charys working and Stephanie's nieces keeping her busy that a third host is probably a good thing. I had shied away from hosting other boards when I was asked, but I was so excited to be asked to help here. You're such a great group of girls, I love that we're so tight-knit.

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Yay! Congrats Gwen!

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yay! WTG Gwen! Your knowledge and support here have always been awesome, and now it is official Smile

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I know you'll have a hard time keeping us in line! Wink

Congrats on joining with our other great mods!

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Awesome! Congrats, Gwen!!!

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That is great! Congrats Gwen on your new *job*!

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Yay Gwen!

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That's great Gwen!! Congratulations!!

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"auret" wrote:

I know you'll have a hard time keeping us in line! Wink

Beth, you crack me up!!!!

yeah, you girls always act out!!!

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Yay! Congrats Gwen, you rock!

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Congrats Gwen!

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Yay!!!! Smile

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Perfect choice! Congrats!

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welcome Gwen!!!!!!!!

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yay gwen!!! you'll be great!

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Great choice!!!!

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How cool! Congrats Gwen!

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Congrats Gwen!

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congrats! Biggrin i think this board has the best mods ever!!

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YAY Gwen!

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yay congratulations Gwen!!! So glad you are a mod now.... you are one fabulous lady

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awww, thanks girls! you give me warm fuzzies all over!