PO Biggest Loser Team for Scrapbooking ladies?

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PO Biggest Loser Team for Scrapbooking ladies?

Do we have enough girls that might be interested to start a team?!!?

The next challenge should be starting up in a couple of weeks. A team signs up to do the points challenge (keeping track of water, food choices, exercise, and support). We would need at least 6 people.

I know some of you might already be on a team and want to stay loyal to them. And I have a team that took me in this time, but thought you girls are so fun and supportive that we would make a GREAT team! Smile

I've done two challenges so far and have really enjoyed it! I have plenty of pounds to lose, but the biggest thing is it helps you to set up a healthy lifestyle and habits. The bonus is losing the pounds. I'm down 12 pounds over 2 challenges!

Anybody interested??

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Beth, I'd definitly be interested again. Even if it was still w/ April 07 too, it doesn't matter, I need to get back to eating healthy again. I gained half of what I lost the last challenge I was a part of. Sad

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I'm interested- most likely. When does it start?

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I'm interested, I don't have that much to lose but I'm incredibly out of shape and I desperately want to "change my lifestyle", not so much diet, as just learning how to eat without having cake for breakfast.

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I would definitely be interested in the next cycle. I still have to bake a baby for a few more weeks. Biggrin

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I think I'm interested. Still struggling to get Jack weight off plus 10-15lbs after that.

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I would so like to join in. Not sure what you guys usually do but I definitely could use the motivation!!

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I totally need something like this - I have 100+ lbs to lose, I need someone to keep me on track!! Smile

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"Honey3.14" wrote:

learning how to eat without having cake for breakfast.

ROFL That is so me!

If you figure it out, let me know! Smile

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I actually had cake with my breakfast today and yesterday, but now it's gone. Whew! I can NOT have cake in the house!

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im in ladies!!! i just started WW again so hopefully i can get these lbs off!!!!

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I'm interested! I had good luck over a year ago when I did it, but I dropped off the bandwagon.

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Sounds like we'll have enough for a team! :woohoo:

I'll post more info when I have it. Stephanie is a moderator over there, so I'm sure she can add more details like a start date. Smile

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We are still discussing the start date. We are waiting to see if one of the other mods is coming back before making final decisions, but we should know soon. It will either start March 2nd or March 9th. Signups should start next week. We should definately post a note on this board when signups start.

There are actually two challenges at the BLC. One is the point challenge and supports both preggo ladies and those trying to lose weight. The focus is on overall health including points for drinking water, etc. This is a great team challenge and I will join you ladies if my team of 2 years somehow falls apart Lol The other challenge is an individual weightloss challenge where you just track weight. You can do both challenges.

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We decided on Mar 2nd as the start date. Signups will be next week.