Polly Pocket - 5th Birthday

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Polly Pocket - 5th Birthday

Each of the kids has a birthday book where I put only the pics from each of their birthdays. I was catching up on Morgan's and doing her 5th birthday (she just turned 6 this year). I did these back in October but I don't think I posted the pics.

The invitation which inspired the pages:

The pages:

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You did great on matching the invitations! I love them! They're so girly and fun.

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You did a WONDERFUL job on matching the invites! I think they are adorable!

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Andie - those are really cute pages! I love how you used the invite for your inspiration. Wink

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Absolutely perfect. You did a fantastic job of matching with the invite. I really, really love those pages. I bet your dd does too.

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Great job!

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Oh, that is great. What a great idea using the invitation as the "inspiration" They colors are fabulous.

I like the idea of birthday books.