Portrait Pages, etc (6)

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Portrait Pages, etc (6)

I did some pages Smile

These are for my CT. Brand new kit releases today. All photos are linked for credits.

These two were the portraits I took at home. I used an old CT kit:

These are fun pages I made.

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so good!! I absolutely adore the first one Biggrin

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Those are all so lovely! I think "Time for Tea" is the one i love the mostest. Biggrin

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Wow!! Great pages Stephanie! Love that first one too, so pretty. You do her hair so neat...wish I knew how to do that. She's beautiful. Cool that you're building a play area in the stairs too...she'll LOVE that I bet.

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Great work. Andrea is such a beautiful girl and you display her wonderful pictures well. Smile

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nice pages! I really love the last two! Andrea is soooo beautiful and getting so big!

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Beautiful pages Stephanie, I love the Time for Tea one the best I think. I love the first one too, and the rest haha. I love the lacy frames in the Falling for You one.

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I like the unusual design of the 2nd page and the Work Hard, Play Harder page is my fave! Great job on them.

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The first one and the falling for you one are my favorite!! Great job on all of them!

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I'm guessing you're feeling all better now. Smile Love seeing all of the work from you. On the second pumpkin layout, I LOVE Andrea's expression in the last picture. Nice pages!

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I love the first one too, love the clusters Smile They are all great though, and I love the portraits!

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I LOVE all of these! I really like the work hard and tea time pages!

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Those are great. I really love the pumpkin pages!

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love em!!! great work!!