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Positive reinforcement

I WILL make my swap cards today. I WILL make my swap cards today. It doesn't matter that my husband took my work day and essentially told me he HAS to do visits today (and you know, he does bring home the paycheck, and legitimately, there are some sick members) and now I'm left cleaning the house alone for guests on Monday, watching the kids, finishing the church bulletin, and there's my list of long term to dos (like get the kids fall clothes out and get the way too small clothes out of their drawers).

I can do all of that AND my swap cards. It's important to take some stress relief time. I can do this. I should do this. I MUST do this.

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You can do it... you can do it... you can do it... lots of positive productive vibes coming your way.

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damn straight you can! You're super mom!

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Yes, you will!!!

Sorry you lost yoru workday Sad

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Sucks that you lost your help and workday, but you can do it! Smile

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you can do it!!!!

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Dishes done. Kitchen mostly cleaned (still need to do floor). Laundry washed (but not folded). Bulletin copied and half put together. Grocery list given to hubby. Meal plan made up for when guests are over. Hubby's sermon done (he wrote- I just edited). Garbages out. Living room in the process of being picked up to be vacuumed. Asian papers pulled from stash for a project "grandma Gloria" and I were asked to do. Baby stamps pulled out. Videos procured from the library to entertain children. Baby ideas floating in my head.

I think I can, I think I can. Smile

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Sounds like you're making great progress. I didn't know you were having a boy! Congrats!!!

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Found out on Monday. We're over the moon!
Pictures can be found on Katie's BB...
Oh and if you read my update there... the magnesium IV has been AWESOME. I have so much more energy now- it's really great. And veggies are tasting wonderful. I never really liked veggies before. Don't know if it's related to the magnesium or not, but yay me!

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So how'd it go? YOu get them done??? You sure were busy. What did they give you magnesium for? I missed that I guess.

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I got one done, and then started doubting my wisdom on my vision for the card so I asked some people for advice. I'm going to finish them up today now that I have a basic gameplan, just might need to change some minor things.

Why I need magnesium... well first I was diagnosed with food allergies. Then I started feeling better after working to get off those foods. So I started questioning other symptoms I had and if I was getting enough of certain things in my prenatal vitamin to make up for the allergies. From that, it was decided that I had way too little calcium and magnesium in my diet now. So I went on supplements. Even on supplements, my legs would sort of half-cramp during the night. When I asked about it, the doctor started putting two and two together. Gluten intolerance can lead to a magnesium deficiency from mal-absorption. My last two pregnancies ended in inductions due to late term high blood pressure. High blood pressure can also be a sign of low magnesium. He ordered an inter-cellular magnesium test (because it's more accurate then the blood test). That came back that I was below normal... he likes to see his patients on the higher end of the normal scale. So IV magnesium for me. I felt HORRIBLE and tired the day I received it. The next day I felt normal. The 3rd day? I woke up with this bundle of energy and accomplished so much. I'm not sleeping as much anymore, I'm doing more chores in the house, and I don't feel so much like I'm dragging anymore. I get retested for my levels next month. Until then, I take 2 magnesium a day.

It's amazing how a food intolerance can affect so many different things just subtly enough to not be noticed but to cause some major problems overall.

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Please send some of those mantra vibes my way. I would love to participate, so I'm really going to try and get them done today!!!

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You can do it! Plus, there is no mail on Monday, so even though the deadline for mailing is Monday, it's impossible to do so!

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you crack me up. and your posts about the lists and wanting to get the cards done really sounds like my life. saw the u/s photos on FB, so excited for you! your family is just like mine, girls sandwiched by boys. Smile that's great that the doc figured out the magnesium, glad you're feeling better. maybe I need some to make veggies taste better to me too. ROFL