Positive Thoughts & Prayers

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Positive Thoughts & Prayers

Missy asked that this be shared on all of the boards ... I'm behind on my "mod-ly" duties in sharing this.

"MissyJ" wrote:

Please take a moment to read the announcement titled "Positive Thoughts & Prayers" and encourage your members to participate in a show of support for these families - more than are mentioned.

I cannot begin to tell you how very much that these messages can mean to a parent that is forced to witness their child suffer. Those of you that have gone through this ordeal know firsthand how physically and emotionally draining this experience can be... not to mention the feeling of helplessness endured. One of the drawbacks to being a "virtual" community is that we cannot be there in person to offer to bring dinner, do laundry, take care of other kids, or simply sit with our friends and give a hug. THIS however is an opportunity to reach out to these families. Please participate by sending out your thoughts and prayers throughout the month of November for these children and their families and follow the link to the "guestbook" to leave them a note of encouragement. Together we truly can make a difference -- offering a gift of the heart big enough to circle the globe!