Prayer answered (OT)

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Prayer answered (OT)

Last Friday I asked you all to pray for my DH that he would be a regular employee soon. Well as of tomorrow, he is!!! Just wanted to thank you all for the prayers. They worked.

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that is wonderful news!!!!

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That's awesome news Erin!!! PTL!!

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Yay Erin!! So glad to hear that.

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What a weight off your shoulders. So glad to hear that!

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Wonderful news!! YAY!

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Thats really great news! Congrats to you guys!

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GREAT news!!

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Congrats! Glad to hear that the prayers were answered!

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That's great news!!

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That is AWESOME news! I am totally thrilled for your family! Thanks for the update! Biggrin CONGRATS to your hubby!

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Hooray!! :jumpingbeans:

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great news Erin!