Prayer Request (OT)

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Prayer Request (OT)

Hi from me! Sorry I haven't been posting much but I haven't been scrapping at all. I've been busy with work and I started back to school. I'm making a baby shower gift this week so I'll have that to share.

Onto my prayer request. Many of you know of our journey to become parents. Tonight we were presented with a private adoption situation. My very close friends boyfriend knows someone who is putting her twin boys up for adoption. He told her about us and she wanted to know if we were interested. Obviously we are. I do have some concern and that is were the prayer request comes in. The boys are 16 months old. And she has raised them up until now. The birthfather is not in the picture as he moved back to his native country. I am praying that she is sure this is the right decision for her. We have given permission for her to contact us as she should be the first to open this communication. I'm not getting my hopes up because of the circumstances and just pray for all involved that the right decision is made.

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oh wow that's gotta be tough for everyone involved. I hope it all works out for the best for everyone, especially those little boys. Thinking of you.

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Kebrina, will definitely pray for you! I can't even imagine the poor mom being in a place to give up her boys. Sounds like prayers are needed all around. Please let us know what happens next.

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Prayers being said for both you and this mother.

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I'll hold those sweet boys in my prayers and all involved too. KUP.

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Definitely will keep this situation in my prayers! Please kup. That must be a very tough spot for mom to be in.

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I will keep you and all others involved in my prayers.

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Prayers coming your way!

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I will be praying. This is a tough situation, but God knows what's best for everyone. You both would make wonderful parents.

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Thoughts and prayers for both your family and those boys. KUP

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oh wow. that really is a tough thing hey? I will most definitely keep you guys and everyone else involved in my prayers. I really do hope all your hopes for being a parent come to realization :bigarmhug:

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We will add you to our prayers here too Kebrina.

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Thanks ladies for the prayers. As soon as I hear something I'll update.

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Praying for the whole situation! Please KUP!

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Saying prayers for you and the mother.

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Prayers and thoughts to you and your husband as well as this lady. And strength to you all.

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Definately saying a prayer for the boys, the mom, and for you. What a tough situation all around, but it could also be such a blessing for you. Hugs during the wait, etc.

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Sending you all the positive thoughts I can muster! I hope the situtation turns out the best for everyone involved! :bigarmhug: