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If you have a chance, could you throw some prayers my family's way? My hubby got a call yesterday about a church that's in the process of calling a new pastor and he's on the short list. They want to talk to him at District Conference this weekend.

The congregation would be about the same size as we have now, except they can afford their pastor and the area is growing so there is the potential for new members (unlike here where there is this huge exodus going on). It's a country church, but it's considered a suburb of a big city. There are 1,000 people in the town proper, with the church outside of town. We'd do our shopping at the big city, and have culture, bookstores, shopping (everything we don't have easy access to now) nearby. It's the EXACT same difference in mileage to my parents house so while that's not awesome, it's not any worse then normal. It's ideal- country living, modern conveniences.

I REALLY want this to work out for us. Even though it means leaving behind an awesome school that our kids go to, every other aspect of our lives would improve. Just the thought of having a way out of here has given me a ray of hope that I haven't felt in the longest time. I could keep with the same depression counselor too (which is important to me because he's been the first and only counselor so far who has been able to help). My best friend would still be able to visit (though we'd now be 3.5 hours apart instead of 15, she goes to the big city we'd be near quite often).

So yes, God's will be done, but I'm hoping that this is God's will.

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Will pray for your patience and trust in hi, michelle. GL

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Prayers for your family from here, too. I hope this is his plan for you as well!

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Prayers heading your way! I sure hope that it works out for you, I know you need something good like this right now.

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Sending all the positive thoughts I can muster! Smile I really hope it works out for you!

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I will definately pray for you and your family.

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Sending prayers your way! I hope it all works out perfectly! Smile

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I will pray that this works out for you & your family. Sounds like an amazing chance for your family. Let's pray that this is the place God wants you to go.

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That does sound like the perfect opportunity! I hope things work out and you are able to make the move and things go smoothly. KUP okay? We will be praying!