Prayers Needed please (xp)

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Prayers Needed please (xp)

Hey gals, If you happen to be the praying type can you add my friend in your prayers today?

Yesterday she gave birth to twins at 24 weeks 6days. They weighed in at 1lb 8.5 oz (girl) and 1lb 9oz (boy). Thankfully she has been in the hospital on bed rest for 2 weeks and the little ones received steroids and other medications and are breathing fine on there own and crying. Last night the doctors said they looked great, but these little ones need all the help they can get!

They have yet to be named because mom and dad have not been able to see them, and at 24 weeks didn't have names picked out yet. Please keep the French twins in your T&P today.



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I will certainly be praying for them. My twins were also born at 24w6d! They weighed 1lb 9oz and 1lb 5oz. It's very good that she got the steroid shots. I was also on hospital bedrest, just one week, but we were able to get the shots also. We went through a lot, but my boys are doing well now. They are 2.5 yrs and still amazing me every day!

I know it was very helpful for me to read about other micropreemies who had done well. It also became a huge help and an outlet for me to blog about what we were going through (instead of answering the same questions 50 times from well-meaning family and friends). Feel free to share my blog with her.
PM me if you want to share my email address with her as well. Also, tell her about the preemie board here.

The day she leaves the hospital without them is going to be very difficult for her. My mom had a 5x7 of each of my boys printed and framed for me to carry out with me. I still cried the whole way, but it was helpful to have something to take with me.
Another simple but nice gift is a pack of baby washcloths. She can wear one in each side of her bra and then leave one with each baby so they can smell her when she can't be there.

Best advice for her, and she'll hear it over and over again, is to take it one day at a time, one hour at a time when neccessary. Two steps forward, one step back is another common phrase in the NICU, and it's so true... try to look at the bigger picture of how far they've come rather than yesterday vs. today.
Besides the blog, I also kept a journal. I would call the hospital each day before going in to visit and write down anything that was going on with each of the twins. (Because as soon as I got there all I wanted to do was be with them and I knew I wouldn't remember half of what they told me.) I had a page for each day. Left side of each page was for one twin and the right for the other, and I had a place for their weight, their nurse for the day and other info. It was nice to look back through to see how far they'd come.

Hugs and prayers,

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oh my! I will pray for the family and those little ones!

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Prayers said! KUP okay?

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They are in my prayers. That must be so scary for their mom and dad. Please keep us posted about how they are dong.

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saying a prayer, please continue to update us on how they're doing. Rita had some really good advice, I hope you're able to share it with her. Smile

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Rita gave some wonderful advice. I said a prayer for them. KUP ok?

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Rita gave awesome advice. Thank God for the steroid shots. From what I understand it takes only two days for the steriods to give the full effect. The twins are in my thoughts and prayers as well!

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Thanks gals! I haven't gotten an update recently, but my bff is a nurse there and even though she can't legally say anything she gave me a "smile" and that means things are going well. Momma is really depressed and having a hard time visiting with her LO's. Hopefully I will get in to see them to help her talk with the drs about kangaroo care and supplementing with breastmilk.

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I will keep them in my prayers. Rita, that is great advice.