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    Default Prayers Please!!!

    I know this has nothing to do with scrapping but I'm just trying to find out what they aren't telling us. I'm sure it's bad!!

    Anyway, my stepson has been ill off and on for about a year now. More ill than not! He also has started suffering from anxiety attacks. Well he went back to the doc today and they did another blood test. The white blood cell, I guess, is suppose to be between 5000 and 10000. Well his was 4000 two weeks ago and is now at 2000. They just put him on an antibiotic and said he MUST go to a hemotoligist ASAP and that his imune system is so low that he may not return to school. He is suppose to stay in the house with no visitors.

    Somebody tell me they are just being over precauctious. What are they thinking??? What could it be???? Of course all I can think of is Cancer. Is that a possibility????
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    Hey Shelly. I can tell you this from a medical background and from personal experience. I went through something similar (minus the anxiety attacks) when I was 16. Yes what they are probably thinking is either cancer or leukemia. When the white blood cell count is that low it's usually an indicator of those things. They most likely want him to go to a hematologist b/c they are afraid of him falling and hurting himself or if his platelet count is very low as well he could start to bleed and have the inability to stop. Right now they are most likely just calling in every test they can think of to rule out certain possibilities.

    Luckily in my case it was mono induced (pediatrician let me have it for months on end)and was not leukemia/cancer and I only needed 1 blood treatment and recovered quickly. They would be telling him to get an appt with an oncologist if they were certain its cancer/leukemia. I hope that they find a simple solution to all of this and that it is not cancer. Hopefully his age will help him to fight it (i'm taking a guess that he's young). My best suggestion to you would be to ask the DRs point blank any questions you have, or even the nurses. Thats what they are there for and most are more than willing to answer any that you have. If you don't know of any when you are there, write them down, that's a huge help.

    So sorry that you are going through this. Keep us posted. Hope what I said is of some help/explanation, hope your situation has a good outcome.
    Will be keeping you and your family in our thoughts and prayers.

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    I am so sorry you and your family are going through all of this
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    Shelly, I have no answers to this, but I will say prayers for him ok? KUP
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    prayers said! I hope the doctor's are able to give you quick answers!
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    Thanks Everyone!! I'm trying very hard to stay positive. And Brittany, Thank you so much for relating your experience. I am praying we find out it is something that can be quickly fixed. He just hasn't been himself in a long time and that is what scares me the most.

    Our biggest problem is that he lives with his grandmother. (DH was very young when he was born and Dalton's mom died in a car accident when he was 3 months old) So we always get all the info from the doc second hand and she is very grandmotherly and never wants anyone to worry, bless her heart, but she seems very scared this time. DH is trying to get off work to go with them to the doc on Monday. If he can't I will probably take a sick day and go.

    Please keep praying for him!!

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    Oh, I'm so sorry! Hugs to all of you! I sure hope DH makes it to that appointment.
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    He's in my prayers. I can't imagine how scary that must be. I've had a similar thing with Iron and if that goes too low, you actually go insane, but that was about it.
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    Shelly I will keep you in my prayers. KUP

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    You're in my thoughts, I hope they find out what's causing it and that it's not serious!
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