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I know I have not posted here in a VERY long time and I apologize but I thought I would post today and ask you girls for your prayers/thoughts for one of my fellow July 07 moms, she lost her baby boy last night in a tragic accident. You can read it by going here :

I just feel like she could use all the support she can get. Thanks ladies! and I promise I will try to post more.

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Oh how heartbreaking. My prayers are with her.

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Oh how horrible my thoughts are definately with her

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i already saw this on the birth defects board. How very sad.

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Wow, I can't imagine, but I think she'll be needing lots of support.

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Oh my goodness. I can't even imagine the pain their family is going through.

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OMG! How I feel for her right now. I don't think I ever shared this with you guys but the same thing happened to my nephew. Only difference was he was at the sitters and fell into the pool. I was driving his mom doing 90 miles an hour while flight for life was taking him to the hospital. I can still feel the gulp in my throat when the Dr. said he was not going to make it. Since then my kids have not been alloud to go swimming at all which I know seems harsh but i just can't bring myself to let them. I know people feel differently about organ donation so I don't want to start a debate but just wanted to share. She somehow had the strength to donate all of his usable organs. He saved 4 lives and while this hurt so horribly bad imagine the mother who was told her son now had a heart and was going to live. We sat and cried and all got together to make a scrapbook on her request. I made a page called I may be gone but my heart still beats. I have not been able to bring myself to share it yet but someday i might. I am not trying to say this is in any way like losing your own child and I was also not trying to take over this post but just wanted to share and tell everyone to please be soooooooooo extra cautious with kids around water.
I only wish there was something we could do for her.

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I can't imagine. There are no words.

And Tialee, thank you for sharing that story. :bigarmhug:

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Hi Amanda! Thanks for posting this. I was just on my way here to do so!

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Thank you all so much ladies! We have a girl from our board who lives close to her and is going to visit with her tonight. It's great to see how all us mothers can ban together in the wake of such a horrible tragedy. Reed was dearly loved on our board and he will be missed very much. Tialee, thank you for sharing your story. Everyone just hug your LO a little extra tonight.

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oh goodness. that is just so sad Sad That poor family.

Tia I am so very sorry about your nephew, hun :bigarmhug:

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How tragic!! And Tialee, your story too. No mother should have to ever go through that kind of pain. I can't even imagine. I too wish there was something I could do besides say I'm a lurker and I have her in my thoughts. It seems irrelevant. I hope they can find peace soon. TFS

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wow that is an incredibly sad story.

tialee sorry for your loss and your sister's loss

i agree no mom or family should ever have to go through that.

there isn't much to say other than our thoughts and prayers with be with all of them.

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I read about it yesterday and can't stop thinking about them. My prayers have definitely been with the family.

And Tialee, that is just heartbreaking. I'm so sorry about your nephew.