Pre-made pages for etsy I finally figured it out

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Pre-made pages for etsy I finally figured it out

Okay, so as I posted before I need some help with pricing these pages.
Any suggestions? sorry so big i'm always too lazy to resize




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Those are great. I love the girly girl one.

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Very cute. I don't do etsy, so can't help with that part.

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me either, plus I'm not in the states but you did a great job Biggrin

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Those pages are soooo pretty! As far as pricing, as I'm learning this myself, you really can't put a pricetag on time! Whatever you decide probably won't be even close to what they are worth. But best of luck.....I'm sure they will go over well. Have you looked at other similar pages on Etsy to give you a starting point? I haven't even looked at the pre-made pages on there yet.

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Those are awesome!! Love the sweet dreams one!! Go to Ebay and check out pre-made pages and see what people are selling them for.....HTH?!