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Preggo Page

I finally did my pregnancy page form Parker (he is 17 months now:eek:). it is. I am really pleased with how it turned out! Wordart by Bethany

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Wow that page rocks! great page!!!!!

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Love the way you designed this page! GREAT idea to use the smaller sized photos and line them up like that. Kayson is 30 months and I've still never done a pregnancy page, so don't feel bad. Wink

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So precious Lena and I LOVE that wordart.

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great LO. I absolutely love it

Kudos for getting it done and having a fabulous page

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that is terrific!!!! I never did one for any of my pregnancies, I always have a certain envy when I see pages like this. that word art is one of my favorites!

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Great layout! You really designed this one awesome. And I agree the word art is fantastic.

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That is a great page! I like the sequencing of the pics alot! Adorable!

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i love it! i love all the pics lined up! nice job.

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Wow, that's great, I love seeing the progression!

What are all the 9's for?

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