Pregnancy/baby scrapbooks?

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Pregnancy/baby scrapbooks?

Okay, new to this side of the boards, but I've been around on other boards...I'm a scrapbooker, expecting baby #1 and instead of a traditional "baby book" I want to do a scrapbook. I'm ebay addicted, buying all baby stuff on there to start, but now I don't know where to begin? Anyone have any layouts they can share?

I really am excited, just getting to that starting point is always the most difficult to me. My dh and I got married 4 years ago and I had to stop before I was half way done, b/c my perfectionism was getting in the way of my creativity. I occastionally go back to it, but just really need a break...

THANKS in advance!!

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Welcome! I would start out by looking at some baby books (not scrapbooks but the baby's first year type books) for ideas.

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That is exactly how I got started in scrapbooking too! Biggrin I wanted a unique babybook for my son, by making it a scrapbook also. Yes, as Ash said, the best thing to do is look through a normal baby book and decide which pages you want to scrap using those ideas.

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Welcome! You can also look around on the net for some ideas of layouts! Two Peas in a Bucket is a great site!

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Ooh never been to the Two Peas in a Bucket site, I LOVE IT!!! TFS!

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I started digital scrapping with Scout's book b/c I just can't keep things picked up and I don't want a huge mess (DH would have a fit!)

There are some great digi-scrapping links in a sticky on the board. Here is a slideshow of my digi scrapping for Scout's book

I have a lot left to do. Even though she's only 6 months (or will be on Monday) I can't believe how many pictures we have already!

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I think the part of me that loves scrapbooking comes from the time I get to spend doing it with friends and my stepdaughter at our local scrapbook place. It gives me something to look forward to for a few hours and feel creative. So I'm so leary about digi. And besides that, I have SOOOO much paper stuff, oh Lord.

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I technically started scrapbooking w/ Tyler's birth too! Here you go....sorry if I go crazy w/ the pages, I have a lot! LOL

I can keep going.....LOL HTH!!!

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LOve those pages Aja! TFS!

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I did a scrapbook instead of a babybook too. I did a two page layout for each month - picked out my favorite photos from that month and journaled all of DS's "firsts" for that month. I also had special pages for the big events - rolling over, sitting up, eating solids, etc. I am really pleased with how it turned out!