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Pregnancy Page

I Finally got a pregnancy page done for Noah's Book (Thanks to Carrie- Princess Leia for the idea)


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Great page and pics!

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Great page! I love how you included so many belly pics.

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so cute. i love the one in front of the christmas tree:)

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love the belly pics! and the page is awesome

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Great page & idea! I scraplifted the idea too Smile

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what a wonderful page!! I also really like the picture of you in front of the Christmas tree!! (Your belly - the shape of it - looks like mine! - hmm... perhaps this means I'll be having a boy...) Wink

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Love the jewel bubbles in the corner! Great page!

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I love the little bubbly thingies you used at the top! Very pretty

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it turned out great. I love all the belly pics!