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Printing books

Hi! I know many of you digital scrappers get books done of your works.

My grandma loved her scrapbook- her extended family loved it more. They now want to scan the pages and print out books (as cheaply as possible without sacrificing quality too much). I told them that I knew people who did this (had books made from scrapbook pages). Hi people I know who do this. Smile

So, where do you get your books made? Cost and how many pages for that? I know someone here had one made for around $30. Was that with a coupon? I need details for the family. Is there anywhere that would give a discount for making more then one of the same book?

It's an 8.5 x 11 scrapbook with around 75 pages I think. (Could be more or less).

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i'm crashing for the night, so ask more questions and I'll try to post tomorrow.

DH printed a 97 page full color book w/ a perfect bound cover (8.5x11) through for $18 a book. They have photo book options, but check out their regular book section. They have specific directions for how to upload the pages and in what format ... along with directions on how to change your margins so that you can full bleed the pages (no white border around the margins). You can order as many books as you want through them (essentially you set up your own little storefront) and they print on demand.

HTH. Others have had good luck with beautiful outcomes at other places as well. Or you can also check local print places who might spiral bind a book for you for an inexpensive price.