Printing Digital Pages

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Printing Digital Pages

Where do you all get your digital pages printed? Has anyone used Walmart or Sam's Club and if so, did you print 10 x10 pages? What was the quality like? I have a book that I would like to put the digital pages in, but I just don't know where I should get them printed.

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I don't digital scrapbook, but I've heard COSTCO prints 12x12 now and for a pretty good price?

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I get all of my 12x12 layouts printed at Costco now, and they come out GREAT!

They don't have a 10x10 option though, not sure who does. They have 8x8 in addition to the 12x12

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I had one done at Costco and it was just fine. The cost was good too. Wink

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Just another vote for Costco!! 12x12 - $2.99, 8x8 - $1.49

I've also had great success with - very reliable - VERY high quality!! They are normally a little more expensive. But right now, they are on SUPER sale in Feb!!! 12x12 - $2.49 10x10 - $1.99 and 8x8 - $1.49! What a steal!!

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A friend of mine just had one done at She picked the cheapest finish and it is okay but they sent her an example of all the different types (matte, premium matte, glossy, premium glossy, etc...) The high priced types looks fantastic.