Professional Pictures XP and OT

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Professional Pictures XP and OT

At my birth board, another poster asked if I'd share some of the professional pictures that my family just had taken. We received a photo session as a gift from my brother and sister-in-law. It's the first time our family has ever had professional pictures. The family pictures aren't edited yet, but here are the kids. (And there are so many more good ones then just these.)

The last picture in this group shows my son's personality SO much

She's my beauty.

She is SO my clone- such a little character and full of life.

And last but not least- my little peanut.

DH and I

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Awesome, Awesome, Awesome!! What great shots. Congrats on that nice gift and thanks for sharing with us. Smile

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Awesome pics! What a great gift!

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Absolutely wonderful shots, your family is beautiful! I love how serious your lil peanut is in the sepia pic. The photographer did a wonderful job for all of you! Thanks for sharing!

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loving these!!!! what an awesome gift! can't wait to see the full family shots too. Smile

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those are just great!!! your kiddos are all adorable!

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They look great! What a beautiful bunch you have there...everyone looks so happy. Can't wait to see the shots of the whole family!

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Great pictures. You all looked like you were enjoying the experience.

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These turned out FAB!!
I love the pics of you and your DH too.....those are pics we never seem to remember. Your kids are so adorable!

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What a gorgeous family! Those are some great photos. Smile