Project 365 week 25 +2 more

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Project 365 week 25 +2 more

I keep forgetting to post my pages for y'all to see here. Smile I actually bought some digi scrapping stuff last night. I've been digi scrapping for 2 1/2 years and I've never spent a dime on actual products... I've spent money on printing, but not the stuff to make the pages! I got a little extra money for my birthday and spent last night carefully picking out a few templates and kits and downloading them. Today, instead of cleaning in the girls' room, like I had planned, I spent hours making the last one. Smile

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those sisters LOs are so cute! I love the pic of them hugging in the tub. you can tell they are going to be close growing up cute!

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love love them! i love the sisters font in the second one! its crazy to see dylan so grown up because in my head shes still a teeny preemie. Lol

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Love your 365 as always, but those LOs are the best!! I think that second one is my new fave of yours. Smile Love how you have one of them by themselves and then a pic of them together in the middle. And then the tub cute. And the bubbles and the colors. It's really a great LO! ANd the sisters one is so adorable too. TFS

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I saw the Sisters one on FB, love it! and your 365 layouts are nice - I really love how you did the first one.