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    Just thought I would see what other kinds of projects people have going?

    Some projects I have finished: My 2 mo. stay as an exchange student to Latvia, quite a few family albums

    Ongoing projects are plentiful: Family albums, Karl's 1st year, me growing up, dh growing up, our boyscouting activities, our home, state capitals (We have been to 7 of the 50...), pet album, my families album (was my grandma's so I'm trying to keep it updated), small trip albums- 2 times to California and one to Florida. I think that's about it...

    Another question: Do you make a yearly album for each kid? I have a 1st year for Karl, and I've continued our family album. I am debating about what to do for him in the future. I don't know if I'll be able to keep up the family album, and albums for him and future kids?

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    I have been so busy with other house projects that I haven't had time to do any scrapping but I am working on a photo for my sister and I got all of the grandkids together and took a load of pics I am working into a large wall collage for my father.

    As for yearly albums. I do a picaboo photo book for each kid each year. They love it and it is a quick and easy way to document each year for them. Of course I will also give them all of the pages I have scrapped but I don't scrap everything so the books make up for that.

    Here is a link to my DS's book.

    I also always do one of the books for each of our vacations but I do those through my publisher because they do book covers as well.

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    Oh Shelly, that is so cool! I love p. 14, nice way to get a lot of pictures in.

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    Yay, you can get a lot of pics in each book and like I said I put a lot of stuff in that I wouldn't scrap. The kids love them and get them out all the time. Even Brooklynn loves to look at hers.

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    I have books like this:


    I didn't do a specific "one year" album..just a "Zoey" album that starts with her birth and just keeps going.

    What I'm trying to figure out is how I want to store all the pics that I don't end up scrapbooking. Ya know...the silly snapshots etc. I don't really want them in a photo album...hmm...

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    I finished Tyler's 1st year just this March and just continued at a VERY slow pace (only on page 3) after everything else. It won't be year specific. I do have a book for the pets (finished) and a book for other events in my life. I will eventually do a wedding album for us (just need to get photos copied).
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