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QOTD Friday

Okay, no Trina question yet ... so I'll give ya one.

How many days will you wear your jeans before you wash them?

I know, totally random. But sometimes that happens. ROFL

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For me, it's usually 2. If it's a very favorite pair, and I don't want to wait until laundry, I'll wear them a 3rd day, but that's rare.

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That's funny, I was just coming on here to post a question Smile Now I don't have to think one up for tomorrow - sweet!

Ummm ... way too long. I only have 2 pairs of jeans that fit (the way I like anyways), and I do laundry once a week ... but if I'm home I change into yoga pants or sweats, so I only really wear them during the day.

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Depends on how long I wear them and what I do. Normally I wear them about 3 days, because I only have 1 good pair of jeans that fit good and have to wait til I have enough other laundry to wash them with. But I don't really do anything, and half the time I don't get dressed until the boys go down for naps around 1-2 in the afternoon.

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*maybe* 2

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2 days usually. dresspants may go three days.

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yeah it depends on where I wear them/what I am doing. Usually 3-4 times, but I will change into sweats by dinnertime haha. If it is a dress down day at work, I only wear them once. I work with kids in outpatient physical therapy...so I don't like taking all their germies home to DS. On days I work (whether it is jeans or dress pants) I wear them once, and then go straight to the hamper before I come see DS.

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Depends on how much child spills, etc are on them or how much they smell.

But Charys answers is pretty typical for me... 2 for jeans, 3 sometimes for dress pants.

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2, maybe 3, but I usually wear shorts of sweats around the house. If I leave, its to go to the store or go eat and come back home, so they aren't really being worn for long anyway.

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2 or 3. Especially on the weekends bumming around the house.

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I wash everything after one wear that I wear to work b/c by the time I get home I feel like I've been groped over by germy kids all day!!!!!

Jeans on the weekend I usually wear twice. I ALWAYS have on pj's when I'm home so sometimes I just put them on to run an errand, etc.

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Wow!!!! I always only wear my pants once, no matter what they are. No wonder my jeans fade out so easily!! Is this why yall only wash yours once in a while?? I do this with my kids clothes too...everything washed after it's worn once. Hmmmmm

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totally depends on how much I wear them. Work jeans I wear twice and then must wash. Sometimes I can only wear them once.

But other jeans...I have no life so when I do wear them it's only for a couple hours so I can wear the same jeans for a week if I wanted to. LOL...but I don't because we do laundry in the middle of the week and on the weekends.

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2-3 days unless I get them really dirty for some reason.
I am normally in sweat or the like at home though.

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ill wear a pair of jeans twice before throwing it in the dirty laundry basket.
dress pants i only wear once.

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Carrie, I wash the girls' clothes after one wear because they are usually dirty with food, spit up, dirt, etc. Smile

But yeah, jeans, probably 3 times for a few hours each or once if I wear them all day, which is rare.

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I would say two or three days.