QOTD - Friday

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QOTD - Friday

Any plans for the weekend?

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DH is working, so not really. Hoping to finish cleaning the basement, and if the snow melts enough get some of the yard cleaned up (the front yard hopefully, the back yard still has 1.5-2 feet of snow in places).

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Tomorrow I have a baby shower in the afternoon, then visiting a friend's open house of her new craft shop in Mason, TX....about 30 miles away. Sunday I'll be babysitting a couple kids.

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Today was MOPS meeting, went to get fingerprinted (for background check for some new work), had lunch out with DS...a good day today so far.

Tomorrow I am going to the hairdresser for a trim and highlights (I can't remember the last time I had them redone). Other than that, no big plans.

wow...I am boring!

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Well, I have two sick kids. We're bound for the ped's in 40 minutes (which sucks because Jack's only been asleep for about 30 minutes, and he needs a good 2 hour nap. But he screamed in his crib for a good hour before crashing, so he could have slept longer if he had only tried.).

Two of my kids have birthday parties to go to tomorrow (well, one depends on the prognosis from the doc appt today). DH has a party tomorrow night, so I'm hoping I can do a digi page or two after the kids go to bed tomorrow night. I also need to spend quality time in the garden - I need to remove the winter cover, divide the garden into squares, and plant spinach and carrots. I hope to do some scrapbooking on Sunday, we'll see if I'm in the mood to do so.

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Busy weekend ahead here.

Tonight we are headed to a friends for Spaghetti dinner as the husbands need to carbo-load for the MudRun tomorrow.

So tomorrow morning we are getting up super duper early and going to watch the guys run the "mudrun" What is the mudrun you ask...http://eventfln.nationalmssociety.org/site/PageServer?pagename=GEN_FLN_homepage There is a link and if you really want to watch a video of last years there is a link on the page it is a 3 minute vid.

After the MudRun I'll being doing homework Sad
Sunday is grocery day, more homework and maybe cleaning up around the house a little bit. Then I have to work at 330.

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Basketball of course! Lol No plans here but as of 3:00 I'm officially on Spring Break Yahoo

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Painting and cleaning our NEW HOUSE!!! We closed yesterday and went last night to take measurements. A lot of work ahead for us, but it will be sooooo nice when it's all said and done. So excited!!! YAY!!!!

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A friend of mine I've not seen in a few years is coming to town to visit today so I am happy about that Biggrin We are going to meet at the mall, look for a bday present for Wayne and go to every dollar store we see, then get a few groceries and come home and eat too much and hang with Wayne.

Tomorrow is more of an errand day and a day to fix a few things around the house for the daycare. At some point (probably at night while watching tv) I'm going to make my sisters baby shower invitations Biggrin

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enjoying the sunshine!!! and a fundraiser on Sunday!

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