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Thread: QOTD Friday

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    Default QOTD Friday

    So, my neighbors had their annual Easter egg hunt last night, and one of the older kids blurted out "There's no such thing as the Easter Bunny" as the kids were emptying their eggs. Natalie didn't hear him, and I'm not sure who did hear him. He's about 11 years old. I actually mentioned it to his mom, as I think that older kids should be sensitive to younger kids with things like this. She in turn said that her family didn't teach the kids to believe in the Easter Bunny, and that each family is different. Um, that's fine, but MY kids believe in the Easter Bunny and I'm glad that Andrew and Jordan weren't there to hear him.

    So that leads me to today's question - does your family believe in the Easter Bunny? For those who don't have kids, did you grow up believe in the Easter Bunny?
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    We're probably one of the oddball families. We don't do the Easter Bunny. Both DH's and mine's families did as we were growing up, though.

    But, Gwen ... I totally agree that you need to teach kids how to respect those that do. An 11 year old should know better!
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    We don't do the Easter bunny, Santa Clause, tooth fairy...any of those. I never did growing up although DH did.
    I do hope that our kids will grow up being sensitive to those that do believe in them though.

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    We aren't there yet with Jamie really. We didn't mention it to him last year because he wouldn't have got it and I haven't this year.

    I am up in the air. I don't want to take away something fun from his childhood, I loved the Easter Bunny and Santa, but I don't really want to teach him that there is such a thing either. I'm torn.

    If I decide not to teach him about that stuff then he will know better than to ruin it for other kids though!

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    We aren't really there yet either, but we will do Easter Bunny and Santa with our kids.

    I think its a fun thing for kids growing up, I had it, and I want to do it for my kids.

    My SIL doesn't let her kids believe in those things though.

    I definitely think if you don't do the Easter Bunny or Santa with your kids, you should teach them not to blurt it to other kids though, because it isn't nice that they take away the fun from your kids because they don't do it.
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    Ryan is a little too young to really understand, but he does get an easter basket of goodies and we take him easter egg hunting which shockingly he was walking by the time easter rolled around last year so he actually got to go hunt! and on christmas, an opened present from santa. the tooth fairy will give money when we get to that stage. both of us believed in that stuff as kids, so we will do the same for our kids. i think its fun . ok ok i admit, i only do it for the pics to scrap later


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    Yep, we'll teach Miles about that. My family did as kids (not sure if dh's did) and it was fun. I have been doing Easter baskets and Santa gifts for Miles already even though he doesn't get it yet.

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    Yep. We do the Easter Bunny. We will play with the eggs and baskets before hand and when the Easter Bunny comes he will fill the eggs with candy and toys. Usually there is some other cool stuff in the Easter basket as well.

    I will handle telling him the truth when he comes to ask me about it. I will however let him know that in order for the Easter Bunny (or Santa) to leave you gifts, you have to believe in them. Hoping that will give me a couple extra years before he spills the beans to his little brother.
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    This answer your question?

    (The screaming picture actually came first)
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    Wayne and I grew up doing all that and we will for our kids too....however, the second they flat out ask, then we would tell them the truth...I don't think there's anything wrong with them using their imagination and believing in some fun character who brings them little treats...I mean, they have imaginary friends and think things like a giant Barney in the mall are real anyway lol...however, we will definitely be telling them the real reason for those holidays and keep the actual emphasis on that.
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