QOTD - Monday

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QOTD - Monday

What's your 'go-to' meal? The one you go to if you can't think of anything else?

Mine is spaghetti - I'm always in the mood for spaghetti, and it's our default.

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tacos. Smile

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tacos here too Smile

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sonic Blum 3

but really, its spaghetti.

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Mine is usually easy bbq chicken.

Most of the time I have fresh chicken breast tenders - just put Carolina Treet bbq sauce over them and bake for about 30-40 minutes.

Serve with minute rice, corn, and applesauce.

The BirdsEye frozen veggies that you can microwave right in the bag are really good. The sweet corn is so yummy that I don't season it at all...just microwave it and dump it in a bowl. Smile

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"Noodles" if you ask my 2 year old... its easy peasy

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Chicken strips, minute rice, and tinned corn...my Mom made it all growing up and all of us sibs always make it for our families still. LOL That's when we have nothing better planned and can't be bothered going out (cuz we eat too much fast food...not burgers, but lots of tacos, poutines, etc)...
Our main meal we actually cook is chicken breasts with bbq sauce, pasta with a bit of butter, seasoning, and cut up muchrooms and peppers in it...and Pacifica salad which is SOOOOO good.

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Malibu chicken which is a ghetto version of Chicken Cordon Bleu.

Take chicken patties and cook per instructions. (20 min) 3 minutes before they are done, top them with shaved (or thin sliced) ham and a slice of swiss (or provolone) cheese. Let that melt. Mix a sauce of mayo and mustard for a "hollandaise". I usually serve this with rice pilaf and green beans. This is my go to because I don't really have to sit and watch it and it requires no defrosting.

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I would have to say Tacos or Fajitas.

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Isn't a "go to" food like something you'd cook if you didn't have dinner already planned? Cause if so, I have none. Seriously, if I don't have meals planned out, there's nothing here to cook. I have to buy something. But if I were buying stuff to have on hand to cook like that, it probably would be tacos. The one meal my whole family loves. Smile Something we eat regularly as our planned meal, if that's considered "go to", is taco pasta shells...another family fave. Smile

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Pancakes ...

but cereal and pb&j sandwiches run a close second.