QOTD - Thursday

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QOTD - Thursday

Sorry it's so late!

What's your favorite meat? (cut and animal)

If you don't eat meat - what's your favorite meat substitute?

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I love striploin steaks. Mmmmmmm. Good thing I get my meat for free!

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I love me some gammon! Biggrin Mmmmm....I got so addicted while I was living in England with Wayne. lol. Found a British food store on the mainland that sells it so next time I am over to Vancouver visiting my Mom I will stock up. lol

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I am a simple girl. I like me some good turkey. Biggrin

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T-Bone Beef Steak. With A1 sauce and some mushrooms Smile

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Karen - what's gammon?

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filet mignon. I love me some cow!

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a melt in your mouth, falling apart, pot roast

closely followed by bacon! Smile

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"slurpeegirl13" wrote:

Karen - what's gammon?

It's similar to ham...both are cut from the leg of a pig except that gammon is cured differently...it's saltier...and yummier. LOL

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I love pulled pork BBQ.

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Prime Rib that is MOO-ING! The redder the better!

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Love me some steak - most cuts, well marbled and medium well done!

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chicken, anything chicken!

and i HATE bacon. not really a cow fan these days

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Venison! Mmmm! I was raised almost solely on venison, so beef steaks still taste wierd to me. But I love ground beef. lol

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if money were no object, filet mignon. but really a good steak will do it

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For steaks I adore filet minon (medium) and tenderloin (medium)... both beef. My all time, affordable favorite though is a good beef roast that is cooked until it pulls apart into strings of beef and can be cut with a fork. Yummmmm.