QOTD: Thursday

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QOTD: Thursday

If you could only pick one:

Facebook or Twitter?

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Facebook, hands down. I can't figure Twitter out.

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oh facebook. I have twitter, but I never use it. I never use myspace either and I have it.

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I don't tweet... so facebook for me!

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preg.org, this board! Lol I don't have twitter, nor do I have fb.

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Definitely Facebook. I don't get the allure of twitter

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Facebook for sure. I've never used Twitter, and I don't see the need since I'm a FB junkie Wink

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facebook, I don't even have a twitter account

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It's funny that twitter seems so big, yet none of us here like it lol

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Facebook for sure. I was a super duper Twitter addict a few months past, but now i don't even get on it.

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facebook for me...no idea how twitter works...never even looked at it. lol

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facebook. i have a twitter account but i never use it and it seems pointless to me. You can do so much more with facebook

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Facebook for sure.

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Facebook...haven't even looked at Twitter

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I know nothing about Twitter either!

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facebook for me hands down.

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Facebook for sure!

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FB here too!!! Also never looked at Twitter.

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"sadieruth" wrote:

preg.org, this board! Lol I don't have twitter, nor do I have fb.

Same here, if I get free time I like to come here Smile

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FB, not a twitter fan

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facebook. i rarely use twitter. only really to tweet about things to win contests or prizes or something.