QOTD - Tuesday

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QOTD - Tuesday

What's one thing you and your SO just don't see eye to eye on?

Money. DH thinks 'it's just money' and likes to spend it before he gets it. I have a budget (that I stick to), and I like to save for emergencies. DH likes to get things just because he can or because it's new - ie he currently wants to buy an LED TV, even though we bought a new LCD TV (same size), not even 3 years ago.

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The one thing we don't agree on......this is hard. We tend to agree on the same things. I might have to think a bit on this one and come back!

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A clean house! I LOVE a clean house. I just feel better (emotionally) when my house is clean. If it's messy, I'm very crabby. I hate when I get behind on laundry or any cleaning, so I just don't let it happen because then it's harder to do later when I have a ton to do.

I work 2x a week, and when I come home the house is a mess! I hate it. DH doesn't think it's "that" messy, but I still hate seeing the sink full of dishes, toys/coats/shoes strewn EVERYWHERE, dishes left downstairs, etc. He is getting better, but it still bugs me! I don't mind a few toys here and there, but if you're done with something...put it away!

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Ironically enough we argue most about the way we argue!!! DH loves to just hash it out when it happens. He gets so ill with me b/c when I'm mad I retreat, think, and then talk later. He bugs me when I'm upset and what I really want is to just be left alone.

Petty huh? We usually are right on the same page about most things.

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Cart and I compromise very well. We don't argue because Cart is very non-confrontational.

But it does bug me when he puts towels away etc. I like the closests, pantry, linen areas etc to be organized. When I organize and he puts away he doesn't keep it organized.

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pretty stuff for the house... like for instance i showed him a gorgeous blanket from work that has silk ribbon trim and he says I dont understand why you would want a blanket that has those things hanging on it! it would be so annoying!
I said its for LOOKS! lol... just simple stuff like that he doesnt get it.... hes always trying to just fabricate something...(like the wierd contraption holding the latch for the baby gate... ugh)

really though hes great... I cant complain. lol

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THE MILK! dh thinks if we are having morning coffee that he can let the milk sit out till he fills up his next cup! sometimes that is 20 to 30 mins later. I tell him it is milk and you can't do that but he keeps leaving it out:puke2:

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Ok, came back to this and realized mine is probably just like Ash's. Although I don't keep a NEAT house, I keep a neatly cluttered house! Lol It's not perfect, but I do like the clothes and toys put up. Randall doesn't care either way.

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Hrmmm will have to think and get back to you on that.

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We argue about how we argue too! And the exact same way...Wayne cannot handle not sorting things straight away and I have to just go away, be mad, and then come back to fix things. lol.

We don't argue over any serious things much but we argue over dumb things a lot like who's turn it is to pick something for dinner. LOL.

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late getting to this, but I have to agree with Ashley. Cleaning/chores/general tidiness of the house. I am the same way...I get crabby, even overwhelmed to the point of anxiety attack when the house is a mess and there are a lot of chores to do.

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Woah, I'm seeing a pattern here... Arne likes to get things off his chest immediately and blurt out all thoughts (which many times gets his bum in trouble) while I'm more of a give me time and space before I say anything. Drives both of us nuts! I'm starting to wonder if it's a gender difference?

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There's a few things. But probably what we don't see eye to eye on that's the biggest is the house. I want to spend money to make it better, nicer, but he is fine with things the way we are. I feel like we're just "playing house" with our hand me downs and eclectic decorating, and I'm ready to be a grown up. He's 41, I'm 37, it's beyond time for this.