QOTD - Wed ...er .. Thurs.

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QOTD - Wed ...er .. Thurs.

Oopsies - missed yesterday!

What's your favorite beverage - alcoholic (if you drink it - if not, fave. 'mocktail') and non-alcoholic?

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Alcoholic - Paralyzer or Twisted Rocket

Non - Alocholic: Cold - Diet Coke, Hot - Steeped Tea (Orange Pekoe/Red Rose)

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Alcoholic- Rum runner or Malibu Pineapple
Non-alcoholic- Sweet tea

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Nancy - don't shoot me. I don't like Sweet Tea. I've had it at my sister's house, and it is terrible tasting compared to the iced tea we have here (ours is waaaaaay sweeter than any sweet tea I've ever tried).

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Cold Pepsi

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Alcoholic: Long Island Iced Tea

Non alcoholic: water, lemonade, pretty much any 100% juice, pineapple juice, do not like soda -unless having pizza lol or mixing with a liquor

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Alcoholic- Port or dark beer (including as shandies)
Non- cold- lemonade, Mt. Dew (which I never ever let myself have anymore), water
hot- tea (all types)

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I love sweet tea, we keep it in the fridge at all times here. yum, but my favorite non alcoholic drink is dr pepper. I love the stuff.
I don't really have a favorite alcoholic drink.

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I don't drink...on the VERY rare occasion I like pina colodas with very little alcohol in them.

As for non-alcolholic, I gotta have my DP...other than that I love ice water and ice tea.

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this is hard to pick...alcoholic drink depends on what mood i am in and how much I am willing to spend ROFL

If money were no issue, I would say Bahama Mama or rum runner (they are pretty similar)

Non alcoholic cold - diet mountain dew

hot - Starbucks skinny vanilla latte (or if I am being cheap, hot chocolate from at home, haha)

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I don't drink alcohol.

I LOVE sweet tea, apple juice and cream soda.

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no alcohol here either

trina, come on over to my house and i will fix you up some good sweet tea. i like mine almost syrupy sweet. haha. and that would explain why i need to lose 50 lbs.

mello yello is my other favorite.

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I don't drink alcohol.

Coffee is my all-time absolute yummiest, favoritest, bestest drink. Biggrin (and yes, applied to coffee, those are all words!) haha

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Alcoholic - pina coloda's and any wine from Miner Vineyards, YUM!

Non- Coke, Cherry Coke, I am also not a fan of sweet tea, we lived in GA for a bit and I was so shocked that the servers didn't even ask, just assumed you wanted tea, drove me batty!

Hot - starbucks carmel machiatto (may have to stop tomorrow)

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tea total-er here

favorite drink: chocolate milk (although I rarely get it) and diet caffeine free pepsi

hot drink: a vanilla steamer or hot chocolate (with marshmallow fluff in it)

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alcoholic - margarita ... but since that's not low carb, I don't drink it anymore. I do enjoy black cherry vodka mixed with Sprite Zero

non-alcoholic - Coke Classic, but I NEVER drink it anymore. I'm a Sprite Zero girl now.

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they have sprite zero?! I have to look for that next time I'm out! I always just go straight for the coke zeros every time. I LOVE IT. And I used to only drink proper Coke so that's saying a lot. I don't even like it anymore. lol
I also love iced cold water...I don't like alcohol either...I've only found one drink I even close to like and that's Blue Wicked (from England, not sure if it's in the west too)...it tastes like juice though so I may as well save myself the extra calories and just drink juice. lol

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alcoholic - LOVE margaritas, but if I could choose anything right now (well, not RIGHT now...it's only 8:30 in the morning) I would choose a can of tecate beer with a slice of lime and salt. Yum!

non-alcoholic - diet pepsi

"coolmama72" wrote:

alcoholic - margarita ... but since that's not low carb, I don't drink it anymore. I do enjoy black cherry vodka mixed with Sprite Zero

Oh Gwen, this sounds delish!! I have no idea what we have that would be close to sprite zero though. We have regular sprite so we should have diet sprite. I am going to check today. That sounds like a super yummy low carb drink.

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Alchoholic- peach margarita, or any flavor really. Smile Guess the carbs explains my waist line. Smile


Overall, coffee!!! The yummiest, bestest, warmest, drink ever!!! LOVE it!!!

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alcoholic: strawberry daiquiri, mojito, seabreeze

non-alcoholic: vitamin water 10 XXX, snapple iced tea, code red mountain dew (though i havent had it in forever)

hot: coffee w/ splenda and FV creamer, grande skinny vanilla latte, tea with splenda!