QOTD - Weekend

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QOTD - Weekend

What part of cleaning do you HATE?

Which part(s) do you not really mind?

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I hate vaccuming. It is the last thing I do and if I run out of time, oh well! That means my floors are always dirty lol. It's supposed to be dh's job, but he doesn't do it (like, ever). Sad to admit it but it probably only gets done every other week or so.

I don't mind doing dishes - there's an immediate gratification that things are done, iykwim? I don't mind laundry either - although the putting-away part is the part I have troubles getting done in a timely manner!

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i hate dishes!!! and im not a huge fan of folding laundry or vacuuming either!

i dont mind laundry (besides folding) or washing the floors

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I hate vacuuming as well. It's DH's job and he does it about about once a week.

I don't mind dusting or dishes.

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scrubbing the tub, mopping the kitchen floor (our tile is impossible to keep clean), and cleaning the stove (also impossible to keep clean)

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I dislike cleaning the bathroom in general, eevrything about it...

i don''t mind laundry, or dishes. but if someone else offered to do it I would'nt be sad Wink

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I actually don't mind vacuuming.

I hate doing dishes, something about touching dirty dishes bothers me. I also hate cleaning toilets and tubs and mopping floors.

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Um, I dislike all cleaning. Really, I hate cleaning. But I'd say dusting is my least favorite, followed by bathroom scrubbing. (I don't do either anymore, it gets done once a month by my cleaning lady)

I don't mind laundry, it just gets to be a bit much with a family of 6.

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I hate dishes cause I don't have a dishwasher and with 4 kids they are never ending. Anything else I don't mind but I hate the dishes.

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I also hate dishes...and we have a dishwasher:rolleyes: Cleaning the tub/shower is a pain too.

Dh likes to have a clean kitchen and I would rather have the rest of the house clean, so when we are having company over it actually works out pretty good!

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I'm obsessive/compulsive about my floors. I sweep every single day, mopping most days as well. :/ My absolute worst chore though (and really the only one I don't like) is dusting. Ick....I hate it! my house is a never-ending dust bunny, so no matter how much I dust it's all back in a couple days.