Qotd who was your first crush?
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Thread: Qotd who was your first crush?

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    Default Qotd who was your first crush?

    Oooh.... Trina quick... tomorrow's QOTD should be "Who was your first crush? Tell us about him. How old were you, why'd you crush on him, etc?"


    Mine was a boy from church, I don't know how my mom didn't know when all of a sudden I was very excited to go to church. I went to all the wed night activitys and everything lol. He did too. I remember going to a park with him one day but with his mom and the missionary's sp? I never even kissed him or anything, oh wait I did,lol. We used to talk about it when we were younger and always would say the other person was scared, we were both scared out of our minds. Then I met him again years later and he was like how about that kiss lol, so I kissed him and that was it never liked him after that. What a mean girl I was!

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    I had 2 best friends growing up, Susan and Tom. They lived side by side across the street from me. Tom was a year older but 2 grades above me. His friend Brent was my first crush (cute athletic preppy guy). Years later I ran into him at college and he was a hippy with dreadlocks. Okay, so I was way over him at that point

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    Confused ... how am I too quick? Wait, did I post my birth board QOTD here again??

    There were only 4 boys in my class from grade 1-5, so I think my very first crush was on my parent's friend's boy, I was in about grade 5 (so - 10 or 11?) and I remember crushing on that boy, even though he was 16 or so. I remember after that I had a crush on a guy in my grade 6 class (can't remember his name), and 2 weeks into the school year his family moved so he left and I was all upset - along with half the other girls in the class - after 5 years of the same 4 boys in our class we all liked this guy.
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    No, I posted that yesterday Trina. LOL- I mixed up our birth board and here. (For everyone else, Trina posts the QOTD at our birth board.)

    I posted this already in Tia's thread, but my first real "oh dang look at him" type crush was in 6th grade- Ken B. Mom leaned over and said "Oh he's cute" while we were sitting at 6th grade orientation and I flushed red. Of course then I ended up having EVERY class with him from 6-8th grade, and his name was alphabetically the one right before mine (95% of ALL our teachers made us sit alphabetically). We got over each other REALLY quickly. We did remain friends. It was hard not to in the environment we were in- though we wrote "please find a new school over the summer" in each other's yearbook. He and I both were locked in a resource room for about 3 weeks at the end of 8th grade, because we were 1st and 3rd in our class and were refusing to write speeches for graduation. LOL So in the end my crush became like having another brother around.
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    rofl Michelle....

    My first crush was from about 5 years old to ....around 10 I believe...his name was Tyler. I have school pics up (whole class ones) on my facebook if you wanna see. LOL. He was this rough and tumble kinda kid...son of two rough and tumble parents lol....very sweet to me and SUPER funny but had an attitude with almost everyone else. We were "bf gf" those 4 or 5 years and then this new girl Stephanie moved to our school and he fell for her. I was gutted. lol....I still remember her dumping him in 5th grade and then he punched a wall in our class....probably best I got out of liking the bad boy. LOL
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    Well, my first crush was Jimmy in first grade, I just thought he was awesome. But he was with a kindergartener.

    My first butterflies in the belly crush that I can remember was Dusty - he was in 7th grade when I was in 8th. So cute! His birthday is Aug 7 and his favorite football team were the Miami Dolphins. So funny that I remember that.

    I also really liked a guy named Mark at 4-H camp (that's the guy I posted about on Tia's thread). I swear I see his sister on Facebook but I'm not positive.
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    the first boy i ever liked was this kid Adam in my 1st grade class. he actually moved after 1st grade so that was over then.

    my first REAL "love" (lol) was this kid Justin when i was in 5th grade. i was so damn infatuated with him it was crazy.

    but i didnt have my first real BF until the summer before high school. it was with this kid Zack who i had known since 5th grade. we talked all summer and hung out a couple of times. never kissed or anything and after the summer we went to seperate schools and just kinda drifted apart. i still see him around and he STILL gives me butterflies lol.

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    My first real crush was a boy named Nathan in 8th Grade. We went to the same school for a couple of years and we would flirt and such but never make the BF/GF committment. We were both too shy. At the end of 10th grade year, he finally asked me out on an official date in the back of my yearbook. He talked of a picnic and a gourmet lunch with artichoke hearts and then we would ride some of his horses. I was over the moon. We had planned our date for 2 weeks after school let out. Unfortunately, it was at that time I was sent to live with my grandmother out of state. I was crushed.

    We got in contact a couple of years later and went on a date. He took me to Chick-Fil-A and to see Austin Powers 2. Needless to say I was not really thrilled. We had both changed way too much. In fact, I went on a date with Nathan a week before Phillip (my DH) asked me out. Phillip got jealous when Nathan stopped by to see me at work.

    Nathan contacted me about a year ago. He's married with a little girl. He seems happy. We mainly just talked about how much we had changed. We both wanted the same kind of life, just not with each other.
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    First crush that I can remember was probably about 2nd grade. There were two boys that hung out with me and my friends and then I ended up liking them, but nothing ever happened.
    My first major crush was probably when I was about 13 or so my best friend's brother. We majorly liked each other for a few years It's kinda funny cause after that passed I couldn't really stand him He is now maried with two kids also...

    I only dated 1 guy before DH, for about a year when I was 16 and 17. We were pretty serious, but I ended up breaking up with him. It crushed me for awhile.
    Dh was the first guy I ever kissed.

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    These are great! My first crush had to be one of my brother's friends...Aaron. I was probably 6 or 7. He played the piano, loved to read (so did I) etc.
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