QOTD ~ Thursday

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QOTD ~ Thursday

Do you have anything PINK within 10 feet of you?

I asked this one on my bb and got some great answers! LOL

I have some pink paper, pink on a little journal that has a cow on it, and some pink on a Cabbage Patch Kids doll box that's waiting to be thrown out.

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I'm surprized I don't have more. I have paper, a clothes basket, our vaccum and clothes.

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"melissa1983" wrote:

I'm surprized I don't have more. I have paper, a clothes basket, our vaccum and clothes.

your vacuum is pink?!! How cool!

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hmm, my sweatshirt, glitter paper, storage boxes

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I am wrapped in a pink fuzzy blanket and there is a bottle of assorted fruit Tums near me with pink Tums in it. Otherwise not within a few feet of me, I am at my husband's desk so that explains the lack of pink.

Fun question!

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I have a couple of books with pink covers on them like Sex and the City Kiss and Tell and The Modern Girls Guide to Life. I also have a pic of a layout hanging on a bulletin board.

I live in a house with all boys. No pink for me.

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Lol I have a girl - of course! Lol Just playing. Andrea has pink in her outfit today. I have a pink shirt on. There is a pink sippy close by and a doll or two with pink. There are some pink flowers in the window and pink in some of the pictures on the wall.

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my big vera bradley knockoff bag is a really dark pink but that's it.

we usually have more blue since it's dh's fav color and my fav color and we have a boy.

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I have some assorted papers (scrap paper-notes, copy forms (3 ply and bottom is pink) and our weekly calendar). a pack of cinnamint orbitz gum. my pink slippers I keep at work. a pink pencil. pink tupperware bowl.

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my shirt
part of the wrapper of my propel water has pink on it

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I'm wearing a pink striped shirt and our dog Vienna's bed is pink striped too. Smile

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Ha!! I heart pink! I have a pink laptop!!! So right in front of me!! LOVE my pink laptop too! Smile

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I have a post it. I'm at work.

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All I have is one pink piece of paper...that's it. I am in the computer lab. Not much pink around. Wink

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I am at my IL's house since it is Tyson'as bday (he is taking a nap) so only a boring pink sheet of paper. neat ? though

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A little teapot toy, Kaitlyn's clothes (that she's wearing), the wheels on a push toy, and a frame with Kaitlyn's picture in it. Smile