QOTD ~ Tuesday

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QOTD ~ Tuesday

Is anybody famous from your hometown or the town you currently live in?

Our town currently has a kid who plays pro ball and even pitched in one of the world series games. His name is Brian Stavisky.

And DO NOT google this person! LOL But she is famous and from the next little borough up from us. Busty Hearts is famous for being able to smash things with her well-endowed chest (hence the name). She's been on Maury Pauvich, Americas Got Talent, and lots of other late night shows.

I don't remember anybody famous being from my hometown, though.

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Buddy Holly died in a field about 45 minutes from here. Otherwise, I don't know anything about famous people from north Iowa.

I drove by Chris Farley's (SNL) grave a LOT when I went to college in Madison. He was from there. Oprah's mom lives in Milwaukee. Herb Kohl- founder of Kohl's department stores (and a senator) is from Milwaukee. Oh! I went to highschool with James Groppi's daughters. (James Groppi was a civil rights activist.) Laura Ingall Wilder's mother was born in Brookfield. Bud Selig is from Milwaukee. So is Jeffrey Dalmer (serial killer whom my dad actually patted down when he was booked in jail).

Oh my goodness... I used to drive by Bob Eucker's house for kicks in highschool. Gene Wilder is from Wisconsin at least... my mom was gaga for his movies. Speaking of- the Zucker brothers (Airplane movies) went to highschool in Shorewood and the usher in my wedding was a classmate of his and they still get together when the Zuckers are back in Milwaukee.

Okay, can you tell I've done this before? I'm sure there are others, but these are the ones that have somehow touched me.

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Yes, not from my home town, but from my dh's. Josh Turner is his cousin and they grew up in the same town, same schools etc. Gotta love the "Home of Josh Turner" sign right when you get to the town limit lol.

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LMAO at "do not google this person"!!!!!!!!!!!!! And you're not gonna believe this, but I remember seeing her on America's Got Talent! That name just cracked me up!

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Fred Durst is from Jacksonville. Tiger Woods lives in Ponte Vedra (at least he has a home there Smile ) There are some others but I'll have to ask DH.

Oh wait...Julie from the Biggest Loser a couple seasons ago is from Jacksonville and Phil Stacey was stationed in Jax and was living here when he went on American Idol.

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Justin Timberlake lol. DeAngelo Williams (plays football for carolina panthers) he was our star when he went to university of memphis! and Derrick Rose is getting to be pretty known (he plays for the chicago bulls) i think thats it. Smile

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Prince is from Minneapolis which is where I am now and have been for several years. Also I grew up in Sydney Australia and I went to the same school that Mel Gibson went to.

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We have a pro-baseball player too. He was a couple of year behind me in school.

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None from my town now, but my hometown (Red Deer) there are a couple Olympians - Jeremy Wotherspoon (speed skating, went to school with him), Jamie Sale (figure skater - I went to school with her, just a few grades below her), and the NHL player Ryan Smyth - I graduated with his younger brother, Jared. Those are the ones I can think of off the top of my head.

Not from my town, but my 'claim to fame' is that Miss Canada 1997 is my sister's best friend. She went to Miss Universe and everything (didn't get far, but she went).

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Adam Sandler is from the town I currently live in! One of our local resturants has a wall dedicated t him full of his days at Manchester Central Highschool. His bro is a laywer in the next town over and his parents live down the street from my bro-in-law.

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I graduated HS with Kasey Kahne (nascar) There arent too many people that are famous that are products of Enumclaw WA Wink

Mommys will like this one Wink ...you know Jay Z Knight (not sure of the spelling there) but she was an actress back in the day...she lives in Yelm...where mommys lives...she apparently channels the ancient lizzard warrior Ramptha Lol She has a whole compound and everything!

We also live not too far away from where Courtney Love's first houses was when she and kurt cobain lived in WA.

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Joe Biden is from my home state. Can't think of anyone from my home town right now though.

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Okay... too cool. I just found out that the singer from one of my favorite bands not only is from my hometown, but went to my highschool 10 years before I did. How did I never know this? (Arrested Development)

I also found out tonight that one of my pretty good highschool friends (we saved each other seats on the yellow bus and everything)- he and his brothers qualified for the Olympic trials this past year. Obviously they didn't make it to the Olympics... but still cool.