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I am trying to figure out what would be best. I make a yearly scrapbook and give it to Randall on New Year's Eve. (I am late this year though. Wink ) When it comes to having Lil Randy, I don't know what to do. Part of me wants to make a 1st year scrapbook, but I also want his achievements and stats in the yearly scrapbook. So, do I make a 1st year one with all his firsts and accomplishments, or do I just put it all in the 2009 scrapbook? I am just really confused on what I should do. What have you BTDT moms done? Or anyone?

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I'm assuming you paper scrap? Because if you digital scrap, you could just make 2 copies.

Oh wait.... if you paper scrap- could you get the stats pages scanned somewhere and then get them printed? Then you'd have a paper book and Randy would have a "digital" version of his own with just his 1st year.

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Michelle's idea is a neat one ... I don't do books by year or even in the right order, so I'm no help at all - sorry!

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This is a hard one. What I did was to scrap my first borns first year alone. But then I plan to just scrap all the family from there on out. THEN I do plan to do each child's first year as a solo book. Personally I think each child deserves his or her own book for the first year. Couldn't you make doubles of the pics you want to include in both and just scrap them differently for each book? That would work.

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If we have another we'll be doing like Carrie. For his/her first year I would make him his own scrapbook and continue my family album pages. If I liked a photo a lot, I would just create two different pages with for the family and one for his 1st year album.

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Ditto Charys' idea.