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    Hi ladies.

    I am looking at buying a cricut. I am wondering if any of you have any reviews to share about it.

    Also wondering which would be a better tool - a cricut or a cricut expressions.

    If anyone could lend some input, it would be greatly appreciated!


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    I got a Cricut Expression for Christmas, and well... I'm in love with it! I haven't had any trouble with it but I'm still learning what all I can do with it. Do you have any specific questions about it?

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    I have the regular cricut (baby bug). I don't need to cut really large things, so it is a good size (and I couldn't afford the big one at the time). The only thing is, I wish it would cut smaller than 1", especially for cards...but all in all, I love it.

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    I really love my new Cricut Create. It's the size of the small bug, but can do the functions of the Expressions. (i.e. cut down to 1/4" letters, etc.)

    I think it all depends on the options you are looking for. I had the baby bug for a year and a half and LOVED it! The only reason I sold it and got the Cricut Create was because it paid for itself on Black Friday. Otherwise I'd still own my baby bug.

    My friend has the Expressions and it's really nice for larger projects. She and I worked on some vinyl lettering last weekend for a large sign and it worked perfectly.

    I don't think you'd be disappointed with either really!
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    I have the Expression. For me, it was a given for such a small difference (for me) that I might as well go w/ the bigger one. I asked for it for my birthday, so nothing came out of my pocket except for carts. I just liked it for it's bigger options and more functions. Like Charys said, check out the Cricut Create (I got my Expression before the Create came out).
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    If you want it for big projects, go with the Expression. If you don't need it for bigger projects, stick with the baby bug, or the Create. I would love to have the Create. What a good idea to make the best of both!
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