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Let me start by saying that I am not a scrapbooker... Sad I'm just not creative enough. But my mom is, and she has the Cricut Personal, that she got last year, but still hasn't used. I'd like to use it to make invitations for DS 2nd birthday party. From what I've been able to find, the Cricut Personal and Cricut Expression use the same cartridges. Is this true? How hard is it to use the Cricut?

For Mother's Day, I got my mom a Sesame Street cartridge, not sure if it will even work Sad I'd like to use that cartridge. Any creative ideas on how to use it?

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Hello, hello stranger! Glad to see you come in here! Can you believe they're turning 2?!?!?! Wink Not sure how big you're planning on making the cards, but you could put the number 2 in the back with Elmo jumping on the top right, slightly touching the 2, grover sitting (flip directions) on the bottom right of the 2, and big bird standing to the left of 2. And then you could put all the word art inside the card with the Count saying that this party is brought to you by the number 2. But if the card is too small, then I'd stick with the 2 and his favorite character.

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yes the cartridges are compatible with all the machines (cricut personal aka the baby bug, cricut create, and cricut expressions)

tracey has some good ideas for a layout of the invitation. if you have to make a lot, I would keep it simple (like a large number 2 with a favorite character).

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You've gotten great advice thus far. I am not familiar with that cart, but I do know you can go to Cricut's website and they have forums for each cart with different ways people use them. You might come up with something visual there to go off of too. GL!